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4 National Parks to visit this summer

by Pierce King. Published Sun 24 Jul 2022 14:29

Summer is here, and with it, the rush to take advantage of the nice warm weather, and there's no better place to do this than in one of America's best national parks.

Below, we'll offer a list of the top parks you can visit this summer. We hope to help you plan the most memorable vacation for you and your family.

Yellowstone National Park

Did you know that Yellowstone National Park was the world's first national park? It was established in 1872 and is located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Yellowstone is known for its wildlife and geothermal features.

What are some of the geothermal features it has? The world's largest supervolcano is located here.
But there are many other types of geothermal activity as well—there are hot springs, mud pots (or thermal areas), fumaroles (or steam vents), cinder cones, volcanic gas vents, lava flows, and more.

Yellowstone also has many types of animals living in this area. You can see grizzly bears, wolves, bison (buffalo), elk, or moose if you're lucky enough to spot one.

If you want to see them all together, then head over to Lamar Valley, where they gather during the summer months because there's plenty of food available here - but watch out because these animals aren't afraid of humans, so don't get too close.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a national park in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, United States. The park, managed by the National Park Service, covers an area of 747,956 acres and reaches across the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada range.

The park's vastness makes it possible for visitors to experience a variety of landscapes within one day. You can hike through snow-dusted meadows or watch waterfalls cascade over sheer cliffs while visiting Yosemite Valley.

If you travel farther into the park, you'll find yourself surrounded by tall sequoia trees or looking out at powerful vistas like Half Dome and El Capitan—iconic landmarks that are viewed from miles away but seem close enough to touch when standing right next to them.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is located in the northwest corner of Montana and is known for its glacier-carved valleys, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and abundant wildlife. It is a world-class destination for viewing wildlife, hiking, camping, and boating.

Its 1 million acres are mostly covered with ice-carved mountains, lakes, and old forests. It's also home to nearly 70 different species of mammals (including bighorn sheep, moose, and lynx), over 260 types of birds, and a handful of fish species.

The park features stunning landscapes, including jagged peaks like Mount Wilbur, which rises 4,841 feet (1.48 km) above sea level. You can hike along the shoreline or scale one of the many mountains for breathtaking views at Glacier Point—the highest point in Yosemite National Park at 7,214 feet (2.2 km) above sea level.

Glacier's wildlife includes black bears (a favourite among visitors), mountain goats, bighorn sheep, as well as more than 270 types of birds, such as bald eagles (which nest along the lake). Hikers may spot all sorts of animals while exploring the park, including moose and deer.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a national park located in the state of Utah. It is one of five parks that make up the Southwest's "Mighty 5" National Parks, and was originally established as Mukuntuweap National Monument in 1909; it became a national park in 1918.

The park includes an extensive system of canyons and a vast area of desert surrounding Zion Canyon, which measures approximately 6 miles (9.66 kilometers) long by 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) wide within the main canyon walls.

The Park Service operates two visitor centres, but you don't have to go very far to see some amazing views: from most points along Zion Canyon Scenic Drive or on foot, you'll be able to see for miles with unobstructed views of the colourful cliffs called "The Wall" and hanging gardens known as Self-Realization Fellowship Retreat Center—all while enjoying breathtaking scenery that looks straight out of Arizona or New Mexico's deserts.

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