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Your Guide to a Luxurious Family Holiday in Cyprus

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Thu 04 Jul 2019 16:01

Taking the family away to a sunny destination is a great way to bond and make some life-long memories together. Whether your children are young, teenagers, or adults, Cyprus has something for all types of families, especially if you give yourselves the time to truly explore and enjoy the island to its fullest.

So book off a week or more this summer, rent a villa and a car, and follow this guide to enjoy a luxurious family getaway exploring this Mediterranean island.

Rent a Villa and Explore the Island

The best way to explore Cyprus with your family is by renting a villa. In fact, Cyprus holidays are not complete without your own luxurious home away from home for you to return to. The reason why you will want to base yourself out a villa, instead of a hotel, is that you can choose a more convenient location that will allow you to explore the entire island.

There is so much to see and do across Cyprus, so rent a car and ensure your holiday has enough time to see all of these top sights:

Exploring Paphos

Paphos is often the first stop for many travellers as they fly into the nearby airport. Here you can find a beautiful port town and some incredible archaeological sites to see and enjoy. Rest here before continuing on to your villa or to the rest of the island.

Exploring Limassol

Limassol is the modern town full of high-class amenities and a thriving marina. It is where to go for shopping, dining, and partying. The town has been renovated and improved in recent years and is now a modern cosmopolitan that has something for everyone. Rent a villa near here and you won’t be far from the action.

Exploring Nicosia

Nicosia is a charming town that has a unique feature; it is the only bordered city left. That’s because it is split between the Cypriot and Turkish governments.

Walk through the old town, and you will come across massive streets of no man's land, which are barricaded off by barb wire and painted oil barrels. In-between the Cypriot and Turkish sides is a set of buildings and streets that have been overgrown and reclaimed by nature, making it a truly interesting feature. You can visit the Turkish side of Nicosia, of course, but you will need to bring your passports.

Exploring the Mountain Towns

Move away from the coast and explore the towns around Mount Olympus. These villages are made of stone and extend up into the sky, offering breathtaking landscapes and an otherworldly feel. They are great to venture to and explore both by car and by foot, though getting there will likely mean renting out your own set of wheels.

Food You Must Try in Cyprus

Despite what you may believe, traditional Cypriot dishes don’t involve much fish or seafood. They are based around cheeses and meats and are a hearty way to fuel up for an adventure as you explore the island.


Halloumi hails from Cyprus, so it’s about time you tried it fresh and in traditional meals made right here. Enjoy halloumi fries, enjoy it as a side to many other traditional dishes, or even eat it alongside a plate of watermelon for a fresh taste that will help keep you refreshed throughout summer.

Souvlakia and sheftalia

Cyprus is very close to Greece, which is why it shares a history with its food. Souvlakia, which is the Cypriot version of the traditional souvlaki you have come to know from Greece, is different mostly in the pitta bread, which is both thinner and larger than what you are likely to receive in Greece. The stuffing is often put inside the pocket as well, though the flavours are similar.


This meal is a stuffing of minced meat with rice, fried onions and tomatoes, and a mixture of herbs for flavour. They are then wrapped up or stuffed in vine leaves.

It is a favourite amongst the villages, and you are more likely to find it available in the mountainous region than in the coastal towns. Another version of this dish is gemista, which uses the same stuffing but places it within vegetables such as peppers.

Your family will have a wonderful time in Cyprus because there is so much to see and do in the country. You can enjoy the beach, enjoy the mountains, enjoy the modern cosmopolitan that is Limassol, or the ancient and beautiful old town in Nicosia.


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