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Hotel Pelirocco Brighton - rooms with more than a view - travel review

by Andy Johnson. Published Fri 04 Aug 2017 11:58, last updated: 04/08/17

Nestling just a pebble's throw from the beachfront in Brighton is the splendid and unassuming Victorian facade of the Hotel Pelirocco. But once you ring the bell and step inside, you're transported to a world of pure imagination - capturing the best of the creative spirit this country has to offer.

The Pelirocco hands down gets our vote for best boutique hotel in Britain. Boasting 19 individually curated rooms... with new art led themes updated continually.

Hotel Pelirocco, which is nearing its 18th birthday, has always been Rockabilly heaven. But now you can take your musical divinity to an even higher plateau by staying in the Peliroccabilly room.

Also on offer are the delightfully quirky Do Knit Disturb and Cloud Cuckoo rooms, the Brighton centric Modrephenia suite and catering for music lovers - there are Soul Supreme, DollyWould, Pretty Vacant and Rough Trade records inspired quarters.

The rooms prove incredibly popular, so when you see one you like, snap it up quickly is the rule of thumb.

We were delighted to try out the opulence of the Koibito Love room, newly unveiled this year. You can complete your wildest fantasies with a Koibito love hamper, the contents of which would surely make even Margi Clark blush.

Also designed to bring out the Super Sexy Samurai in you... is the deep square bucket bath, which has to be tried to be believed, beware of pruning out - as you sit there and feel the rush of the massage feature on the shower head above cascade onto your weary noggins.

From there it is but a few short geisha shoe-clad steps to the round and raised-on-stilts of bamboo bed, with an accessible balcony overlooking Regency Square and the sea.

But no matter how tired or how sexy you feel, the Pelirocco is not the kind of hotel where you just hide out in your room.

Breakfast deserves a special mention. There's a hearty selection of meals designed to rejuvenate you, even in the face of the most hideous hangover. Take your pick from the Full Monty (all the works) a veggie version or a series of cracking egg brekkies, all served with tea or your choice of speciality coffee.

Or if you just can't tear yourself from the sheets, why not indulge in breakfast in bed? Adding a Bloody Mary to the mix or make it a full cork-popping champagne repast, for a few dollars more.

At night - the breakfast area transforms into more of an old school pub atmosphere adjoining the hotel's well stocked bar, usually with a few regulars propping up the bar for conversation and city recommendations for visitors.

The bar staff will delight you with exciting twists on classic cocktails. With more innuendo than a Kenneth Williams Pinterest board. Let the Dirty F*ckin Rotter and the Fur Coat No Knickers slip past your lips.

The devil is in the details at the Pelirocco and the decor in the bar is certainly devilish. A large Kraken rum totem adorns one wall and shows one potential armageddon for the city of Brighton. Also featured is the most eccentric wallpaper you could imagine, promoting the work of a local artist. Perhaps you'd like to buy some and recreate the effect at home.

Should you desire a more intimate setting to drink, request a table in the red velvet boudoir. A private room complete with disco ball, or you hit the Singstar Room for some karaoke.

During our visit - we were lucky enough to witness a chocca bloc gig in the bar from visiting South Westside - a six piece band putting a rock twist on hip hop classics. Check out the full list of extras, events and gigs at the Pelirocco - so you can enjoy the full experience of England's most Rock n' Roll hotel.

All the delights of Brighton beach are just a short stroll across to the seafront from Regency Square. You can chill while watching some basketball, soak up some goodness from the Fortune of War or British Summertime permitting... you can suntan!

But there's plenty more to Brighton than the beach. If it's shopping your after, then just a few minutes walk in the opposite direction is the city centre and you can dawdle on down to the Lanes, no trip is complete without a lazy look around the North Laines.

Should People watching become an Olympic sport, there could be no better place to train your eyeballs than Brighton. It's here that some of the most wonderfully eccentric Brits have chosen to make their home.

Coupled with a large student body and the constant tsunami of tourists and hen and stag parties, there is a constant procession of weird and wonderful sights feast your eyes on.

4 killer hours to spend in Brighton

Take a stroll from the Pelirocco to the beach, play or just chill and watch some b'ball on the UK's most lively outdoor court. Then it's just a short walk to enjoy a drink at the Fortune of War. Having opened its doors way back in 1882, the Fortune of War is far and away the oldest seafront watering hole. It is also the only venue in the whole of Brighton to be shaped like an upside down boat - http://www.fortuneofwar.pub/
Followed by a couple of hours exploring the North Laines (sup a coffee at the Flour Pot Bakery - http://flour-pot.co.uk/) and circle back to Regency Square for some reviving imbibing in the Pelirocco bar.

Hotel Pelirocco Rating: 8/10


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