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China's cultural influence on Liverpool for this year's Chinese New Year

by Ellie Gregory. Published Tue 31 Jan 2017 11:48, last updated: 10/05/17

February marks the month of a massive cultural celebration for Chinese New Year, and Liverpool celebrated the Year of the Rooster for three days.

Across the weekend, spectators experienced a series of street parades, including the traditional Lion and Unicorn dance, as well as special performances from Tai Chi and Kung Fu experts at the Pagoda Arts Centre in the heart of Chinatown.

Known internationally, Liverpool is a celebrated city for its multiculturalism and diversity of cultures.

The City has homed Chinese settlers since the 1860s, and their cultural influence has shaped the way it is today, with various exquisite Chinese restaurants, to Chinese catering shops, to Chinese arts clubs and associations.

Bringing their language, food and culture to Liverpool, the City’s community still keeps up Chinese traditions today, one being annually celebrating Chinese New Year.

The Liverpool School of Cantonese Kung Fu delivered a spectacular performance of Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Dragon Dancing at the Black-e Liverpool venue.

James, Kung Fu Instructor at SOCKFu Liverpool, said: “In Britain, we often think of Chinese culture, but what we are actually thinking of is Cantonese culture.

From the foods, to the Lion Dance, to Kung Fu, it’s all Hong Kong culture.”

Aside from the dazzling performances, visitors delved into Chinese cuisine at the pop-up market on George Street, and took home handmade souvenirs of the day.

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