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Brookside star Sam Kane brings a laugh-a-minute in Cinderella panto

by Lottie Gibbons. Published Mon 18 Dec 2017 22:08
Photo credit: Helen Ashbourne
Photo credit: Helen Ashbourne

With Brookside actor, Sam Kane in the male lead, pantomime returns to Southport Theatre with Cinderella, for a family fun show with adult humour.

Kane sets the tone and steals the show as Buttons, Cinderella’s hopeless, but adorable love interest. Repeatedly cracking sexual laced jokes and innuendo style comedy, Kane demonstrates his 32 years’ experience in panto, never failing to gear up the audience.

Likewise, as Director, Kane keeps with the panto conventions executing the ghost gag to a tee and the “it’s behind you” “oh yes there is” dialogue with the audience.

Carrying on with the star-studded lineup, The Voice’s Tom Milner succeeds in portraying the dashing Prince, despite being a replacement for Joe Ashman, who withdrew from the role last month.

Vocals were Milner’s strong point as he reached high notes with ease and without detraction during dance routines.

It also seems that panto runs in the family as Sam Kane’s son, Jack Kane, stepped up to play the Prince’s right-hand man, Dandini. Milner and Kane portrayed a great chemistry of friendship on stage, appearing to support one another in their roles.

Whilst, this year’s lineup exhibits established actor’s potential, we may be witnessing a star in the making as Toni Howard performs her debut in professional pantomime, playing Cinderella. Howard possesses not only the beauty but also the kindness and heartwarming nature of her character, leaving most children come to the end of the show declaring she was their favourite.

For a local theatre, production was to a high standard, particularly Cinderella’s departure to the ball. Straying from the original story by travelling by swan not pumpkin, nonetheless proved to be a magical scene.

With the audience playing their part to perfection, Southport Theatre retains their glittering reputation as one of the North West’s best panto providers.

Cinderella is at Southport Theatre and Convention Centre, until 6 January 2018. Box Office: 01704 500036

Purple Revolver rating: 4/5


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