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The Cult of Dave Ready to Take Over 81 Renshaw Street

by Chris High. Published Thu 16 Jul 2015 13:58

What better way to spend a Friday evening than to be amazed and dumbstruck by one the finest emerging talents Liverpool boasts in a show at 81 Renshaw Street. Amazed and dumbstruck is what young magician David Alnwick promises in his Cult of Dave Show which is being staged at the Renshaw Street venue on Friday July 17th from 8 pm.

As the show is called 'The Cult of Dave', the angle I'm playing is getting people to join my “cult”, which will become clear as the night progresses,” David explained. “The show at heart is a 'Mind Reading' show and not exactly magic, that's just the medium used to get things across, and The Cult of Dave is a concept I came up with about a month ago, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for quite a long time. I'm so happy the kind people at 81 Renshaw have let me debut my show here. It’s a great up and coming space that's so well suited to fringe theatre. As to what people can expect, that’s easy: The show itself, which will certainly contain a lot of the unexpected.”

So when did David get interested in magic and mind reading and how does he see himself in comparison with some of the Big Hitters such as Derren Brown or Dynamo? “I think a lot of magicians start at a young age, usually just for attention. It makes you feel a part of some secret club. I know that's how I felt. Then you grow up and gain confidence and it becomes an extension of your personality instead of an excuse for one. The psychology stuff, reading people, that came much later. While I was in university I became a very interested in why people are the way they are. Specifically how they create relationships or why they find themselves attracted to one thing more than another, be it a love interest or a specific brand of clothes. I became convinced that if you knew, really knew, not just what people wanted but why they wanted it, you could rule the world.”

“As to where I sit in comparison, in my mind they represent both sides of the magic coin. Dynamo, following in David Blaine’s footsteps, made magic cool again, kind of the underdog magician, whereas Derren is much more the practiced sorcerer. There are a lot of incredible magicians who never get TV exposure, so fringe festivals are a great way to see more of the art. For me, magic is very much a means to an end. If I'd picked up a guitar as a kid instead of a deck of cards, I'd probably be doing the same thing I do every night: Trying to take over the world.”

And like any successful artist, practice, practice and more practice is the key. “I'm not sure I ever really have days off much in the same way I never really have days on. There are times I can be busier than others but on the whole I do what I do because it’s what I was made for. I like to think everything I do is a part of that. After I've finished talking to you I'll probably play Playstation for an hour because it’s an easy way to relax while keeping my thoughts moving which, as far as I'm concerned, is as important a part of my job as performing.”
And after Liverpool, the biggest of Summer Fringe Festivals beckons. “The Cult of Dave is one of three shows I'll be taking up to Edinburgh fringe this year along with 'An Evening with Dave' and 'The Totally Ninja Magic Show'. They might continue past Edinburgh, but only time will tell. Otherwise I've got a few projects on the go in Liverpool that I'm really excited about, but I'll tell you more when there's something to say,” Dave said ... somewhat mysteriously.

For more information on The Cult of Dave: https://www.facebook.com/events/413710712172067/442900172586454/


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