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DV8 Designs converts former pub into craft beer bar and kitchen - The Beer Studio

by Faye Smith. Published Wed 18 Feb 2015 10:58

Fallowfield has welcomed a new contemporary craft beer bar and kitchen in the form of DV8 Design’s newest project, The Beer Studio.

After being appointed by the prestigious Hydes Brewery, the Warrington-based firm carried out a series of interior and architectural renovations to the former Sir Joseph Whitworth site, situated in the heart of Manchester’s student district.

MD Lee Birchall and his team at DV8 were responsible for transforming the venue into the modern day by ‘incorporating a unique urban design throughout the property, through the use of earthy colour palates and upcycled decorative elements’.

Lee said: “The concept was to restore a fairly tired looking site into a contemporary hub for those who like craft beer and quirky street style food. With that in mind, we wanted to reflect the cool vibe contained within The Beer Studio’s branding throughout the entire interior design.

“As well as introducing a mixture of wood and exposed brick textures, we added subtle woodland hints by selecting rustic furniture together with a warm colour scheme. We also combined various vintage and modernistic wall art to heighten interest and visual appeal.”

DV8 Designs, which was established in 2006, has attained high acclaim through its impressive and diverse portfolio that includes residential, bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, leisure centres, swimming pools, spas, golf clubs and offices.

Lee added: “With The Beer Studio being a cutting edge provider of craft beer, it felt only right to devise a playful yet authentic looking design. It’s hoped that the venue’s style and originality will continue to receive a warm response from the public throughout the foreseeable future.”

For more information about DV8 Designs visit www.dv8-designs.co.uk


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