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Why Big Data Is Crucial For The Casino Industry

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Tue 30 Oct 2018 16:53

Big data today has become huge in the online casino industry with many companies looking to it for innovative ways to save on costs, whilst delivering a gaming service of the highest quality.

Big data is an invaluable asset to casino companies and arguably most effective when looking at their online websites. This usually means that it helps online casinos customise their games for different players and in so doing enhance the customer experience.

This obviously plays a part for any person choosing a casino. However, there is a whole lot more that can be said for the role played by big data and why it has become an essential factor in the casino business.

Big data analysis was implemented by online casinos so that they could keep track of past game play, determine point scoring and winning patterns as well as also figure out the most accurate odds for their customers.

This has helped casinos also customise the bookmaking procedure where they could modify odds, push notifications and exclusive real-time offers, thus ensuring that the gambling industry could revolutionise for the better. Customers would also then get more suitable deals specifically for them. In fact, there has been no better time to sign up and enjoy games at online casinos.

The gambling industry in general is a very risky business for not only the customer but also the casino itself. The relationship between the player and the house is always a sensitive one.

The casino needs to have the patron win at times and enjoy themselves because if they do not, it would be unlikely that the player would return. On the other hand, the casino also needs to keep an eye on anyone achieving big wins on a regular business, as this would be detrimental to the entire operation.

Big data benefits both the casino and the patron as it analyses player spending, routines, bonuses chosen and what games they fancy more than others. By doing so, big data helps the house offer the patrons specific incentives that appeals to them, as well as help maximise casino revenues.

This all leads back to casinos making sure that they can tailor make an overall gaming experience which meets individual player preferences.

An example of big data having a positive influence is with regards to slots. Nowadays, game developers are able to analyse whether game jackpots, features, video and even audio content that make up part of the game play, attract more interest from players.

Thus, it ultimately enables developers to assess the impact of every aspect of the game. It also gives developers the ability to see which games customers enjoy the most as well as any unique playing habits they may have.

The predictive analyses done by developers have increased their chances of identifying patterns by customers and this allows them to create specific games for certain types of players. Therefore, big data analyses are a huge benefit when casinos wish to develop their marketing strategies.

Big data as a whole is integral to any online casino because it provides many innovative ideas to improve the business as well as player experience. It has clearly helped casinos increase their performance together with customer satisfaction/loyalty, and continues to do so.

Finally, with big data constantly improving, the potential impact on the business and customer is near enough endless, especially as technology rages forward.


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