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Thrill of the Crowd? Online vs. Offline Gaming

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Mon 20 Feb 2017 15:54

Playing video games used to be so straightforward; you would load up a game on your computer or console, and play it by yourself, or perhaps with one or two friends who were actually in the room alongside you.

The advent of online technology, however, has revolutionised gaming, so that it is possible to play with complete strangers on the other side of the world. While for many reasons this is a positive development, there are some people who do have reservations. Here we weigh up the pros and cons.

Perhaps the most obvious manifestation of the growth of online gaming has been the development of massively-multiplayer online games or MMOs. There are hundreds of games to play, with tens of millions of players who generate revenues of over ten billion dollars a year.

Just taking one of the most famous examples, World of Warcraft, as an example, it’s been calculated that players have collectively spent over six million years playing it, which is more time than human beings have lived on the earth!

On the other hand, offline games can cater to the many gamers who want to play on their own. There’s something wonderfully escapist, they say, about being able to immerse yourself fully for hours at a time in an imaginary world where you are not going to “meet” any other people, or their avatars. Another consideration is that playing alone allows you to play for short periods of time when it suits you.

One area where online gaming has really had a positive impact is online slots and other online casino gaming. Being online means that it is possible to bet in real time wherever you are and at any time, even from mobile devices.

The possibility of winning big prizes is of course part of the allure, and there are hundreds of different games to choose from, to suit your particular mood or interests.

One issue that is difficult to ignore is of course online security, with so-called cyber-crime on the increase around the world. This is especially important when you are making payments such as bets or in-game purchases. Online gaming offers the advantage that games can constantly be monitored to ensure no tampering is taking place.

Reputable, big-name online gaming sites such as Lucky Nugget Casino employ the very latest and strictest online security measures, to ensure that you can make transactions on their site with absolute confidence.

This extends not just to payments but also your personal information. Why not visit now, and see for yourself not only how secure the site is, but also browse the up-to-date range of online slot games on offer?


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