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Ideas to Try for Sexual Exploration

by Carlton Whitfield . Published Thu 17 Mar 2022 17:47, last updated: 14/06/22

When it comes to sex, it can be easy to stick to what you know. If it is not broken, do not fix it, right? Sometimes, this complacency means people are missing out on something in their lives that they could really love or unlock a part of them that they did not know existed.

These discoveries could help them live a more full and authentic life, which many people spend their time trying to achieve.

You have heard of a regular life bucket list, but have you considered a sex life bucket list? This piece will take a look at some ideas for sexual exploration that you can try if you want to and see where it takes you.

Explore Different Kinks

Some people know exactly what they are interested in sexually, and others might need a little bit more exploration to find something that really hits the spot. This can also be true for when we age as well. Tastes change, and it can be hard to know what we might be into anymore if you know you have grown out of what you used to like.

There are so many different kinks out there that you will be hard-pressed not to find anything that arouses you, but it might take a little bit of time and exploration to discover. Sometimes kinks can hit you when you least expect it, such as watching a movie or something your partner does, so there is no need to worry if you cannot find something straight away. Let it come to you!

Sex Toys

Sex toys are a great way to explore with yourself without any pressure (or interference) from someone else. Not only can they add an entirely new dynamic into the bedroom, but they can do things that other humans physically can’t do, such as excessive strong vibrations.

If you are thinking of exploring your sexuality, then sex toys can be a nice backup to have on standby too. For example, if you are going to have your first lesbian experience, you might be nervous that you do not know where to begin. Having a vibrator in your tool kit can help with the intimidation.

Sex toys are also a great way to find out what you like again if you are stuck in a rut.

Have Sex in Different Places

Having sex in the bedroom is a classic. It is comfortable, everything you need is there, and you know the duvet is a grab away if you get cold. However, it is so predictable, especially if this is the only place you ever have sex with your partner. Mix things up and try doing it elsewhere. This could be anything from simply moving the love making downstairs, or even going out in public, where no one can see you, of course - jail is not sexy.

Even going to a hotel room or having sex in a different bedroom can help break up the routine, so booking a night away can never be a bad idea.


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