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Chicken Shop Date - the finger lickin' YouTube phenomenon

by Emma Carter. Published Mon 31 Jan 2022 18:29
KSI and Amelia
KSI and Amelia

Remember those awkward dates from your past... the long silences, clumsy laughs and an unbearable line of questioning. Well one girl is on a mission to ensure famous faces endure the worst date of their lives.

Chicken Shop Date is one of the hottest web series right now, racking up millions of views every episode. It’s simply too funny to miss.

Host Amelia Dimoldenberg uses deadpan cringe comedy to interview musicians, footballers, and other YouTube stars, over takeaway chicken.

Celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, AJ Tracey, and Jesse Lingard are amongst some of the big names to be featured.

The guests always appear relaxed and less focused on any interview training they’ve inevitably had to go through.

Amelia has previously said her aim is never to get ground-breaking information, just to entertain.

The 27-year-old Londoner started the series in 2014. The idea began as a humorous column she wrote for youth magazine, The Cut.

This quickly grew into framing interviews as dates. The peculiar location of a chicken shop was chosen because it was an unusual setting for a date and adds to the hilariously awkward nature.

On his episode, Ed Sheeran remarks that they “met before the camera’s switched on and she’s actually very personable and lovely” which Amelia denies without breaking character.

Her channel now has over a million subscribers, which is a testament to her ability to maintain her poker-faced persona while being incredibly amusing.

The date with KSI was filmed right here in Liverpool. This episode highlights how much the interview style allows celebrities personalities to stand out.

The mixture of Amelia’s monotone voice and his extremely animated way of speaking constructs that perfect atmosphere.

Back and forth witty comments between the two provide a comedic insight into his career and experiences. His clear comfort led to him being crude about his personal life, almost breaking Amelia’s character.

Nabzys on Leece Street, Liverpool still has mementos displayed in the shop from the filming in 2019.

Amelia has since been a part of other creative projects such as directing a short film and presenting a documentary about Meghan Markle’s family on Channel 4.

As she continues her chicken shop series, she has started another endeavour on Channel 4 as a ‘Celebrity Brand Visionary’.

She uses her awkward charm to ‘help’ some familiar faces to refresh their brand in the YouTube series.


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