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Things you can still do on Valentine's Day

by Khyle Medany. Published Sun 14 Feb 2021 10:00, last updated: 13/02/21

Valentine’s Day is looking a little bit different for most of the world this year.

With restaurants in the UK closed, in lieu of that romantic dining experience, the sofa and/or dining table will most likely be the spot in which food is to be served in these crazy times we’re all living through.

If you’re looking for some inspiration this Valentine’s Day, we have a some date ideas to try, in a bid to help float your boat and keep love locked in with you during lockdown.

1 . Go for a walk

With the cold weather, it’s a great time to throw on an extra layer or two and take a brisk walk; with the Albert Dock and the Pier Head in Liverpool, both beautiful spots to soak up some breezy scenic backdrops as you stroll. You can still stop and admire the statues and snap some shots in-between the shivers, with The Beatles statues or a cheeky pose in front of the Billy Fury sculpture.

Local parks are of course, also perfect for a walk, taking in some greenery and surrounding yourself with trees and the sun in between the branches is an ideal way to connect with your inner self, and take in the world around you.

2. Grab a coffee

Although coffee shops are closed for sitting in for the time being, it is still possible to grab a coffee to go, for those that need or want a caffeine jolt, there’s a warming choice of coffee shops in Liverpool that are still doing take away brews, which is a great way to warm up in the wintery weather.

3. Catch up with friends

We can sometimes have a tendency to feel alone and isolated, perhaps now more than ever, in these trying times, it’s paramount that we keep pushing forward as best as we can, a strong way to do this is to reach out to friends, pick up the phone and call a friend, reminisce about better times, ponder about what the future may bring, watch a movie or television show together online.

4. Practice self love and care

For those that may find themselves single, all is not lost, as mentioned above, a great walk is a fantastic way to connect with nature, and more importantly, yourself, some of our best ideas can come to us during a walk. Don’t forget to practice loving yourself, find your own, personal ways to share love and care for yourself this Valentine’s Day.


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