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The Liverpool Tool Library brings cool tools to town

by Steph Colderick. Published Wed 20 Jan 2021 10:00, last updated: 20/01/21

A new DIY initiative has been set up in Liverpool to give everyone affordable access to tools.

Imogen Wooley has set up the Liverpool Tool Library to help aid DIY projects taking place at home.

Operating just like a traditional book library, users will be able to look at the tools available online, reserve them and collect them from the workshop.

Imogen explained the idea behind this new scheme, she said: “The whole idea is affordable access for DIY tools. We all need tools; we all use tools.”

The idea sparked from Imogen’s own workshop, she said: “I had a little workshop at the back of my house, and I would have friends and family use the tools and the space here and I thought this should be available to everyone.”

After visiting Canada and seeing a tool library there, the idea grew and Imogen decided to set up her own in Liverpool which can be found at Unit 5 Aspen Yard, 1 Aspen Grove.

There are already a handful of tool libraries in the UK, but Imogen Wooley’s is the first in Merseyside. The new business received a lot of help and advice from the existing tool libraries.

Imogen said: “Covid has really hone a light on being stuck at home so I would really like for people to make their houses feel like homes.”

This idea is eco-friendly as well as beneficial to those who enjoy some home decorating, with many of the tools being donated to the library.

Imogen said: “It has also got quite a sustainable element to it which I am really excited about as well. “We use donated tools as well, so it is a bit like a circular economy.”

Customers can join as a member, at a recommended fee of £20, but customers can choose to pay a different amount depending on their budget. The scheme has been well received on social media with Imogen gaining more members than expected.

Another perk for Imogen personally, is being included in other community projects across Liverpool, she said: “I have been absorbed into all the community projects that are happening and it really excites me, and it is what people need to combat the tragedy unfolding daily.”

For more information on the Tool Library visit: https://liverpooltoollibrary.org.uk/About.


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