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Have YOU seen the "terrifying" Percy Pig advert?

by Dana Andersen. Published Wed 23 Sep 2020 10:47, last updated: 23/09/20

Percy Pig has proved to be a children’s favourite sweet treat, but right now, people are finding him rather unsettling in a bizarre new advert from Marks and Spencer.

The advert has been released by the retail giant on Tik Tok, an app soon to be removed from the download stores in America, shows cuddly versions of the pig gathered around a table.

The ‘meeting’ is in silence, though the pigs do move, and a board meeting is clearly in progress, with someone dressed as the well known sweet giving a pitch of some sort.

Music, which sounds like a ring tone or phone alarm, is playing in the background, and many internet users have been quick to point out how creepy the advert is.

Some have likened it to a short David Lynch movie, while others described it as Animal Farm on LSD.

Considering packets of Percy Pigs sweets are laid out on the table before them, perhaps it could more so be likened to a pig retelling of Silence of the Lambs.

Anyone up for watching Silence of the Pigs?

The add was also posted on Twitter and Instagram, where people were quick to point out just how horrifying it is, with one viewer commenting: “Never been more terrified.”

It may be a little difficult to tell through the horror and suspense, but the add is in fact promoting the pig plushies, which will soon be on sale along side their edible counterparts.

A medium Percy Pig cuddly toy will set you back £15, while a large costs £25. The smallest version will cost just £10, and of course comes with a bag of Percy’s you can eat.

Alongside being able to buy toys of the much loved sweet, a Percy Pig advent calendar will also be available in time for Christmas.

Although odd, it has so far amassed more views than many of their other adds have, and with internet culture as it is, this could well become the next viral hit.

Exploring some of the lesser known parts of youtube will expose you to creepy adds from anytime over the last few decades, which are now viewed as memes or otherwise adored for their charm or creepiness, and this boardroom turned farmyard experiment may well end up alongside them.

As unsettling as some internet users found the ad though, plenty of Percy fans can’t wait to get their hands on the toys, and the idea behind them is much cuter than the boardroom meeting used to promote them.

The official name for the toys is Percy ‘Hugs’, with Marks & Spencers explaining the name by saying: "In a year when hugs have been in drastically short supply, it doesn’t matter if you need a GIANT cuddle or a little pig to lean on, Percy has ready-made hugs for all."

Percy Pig super fan Johnny Rhodes, from Bristol, got to be amongst the first to ‘meet’ the cuddly Percy’s, and said: “Percy is the number 1 house guest and I’d give his hugs a 10/10 for fluffy goodness! I’ve been a Percy fan for as long as I can remember, so being the first to see a real ‘life’ Percy for the first time is an absolute treat.”

Percy Hugs are available in store now, with the biggest 90cm version available as a limited edition, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to be able to hold your own cannibalistic pig board room meeting!


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