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Airbnb offering movie lovers the chance to sleepover at the last remaining Blockbuster

by Khyle Deen. Published Sun 16 Aug 2020 10:15

Remember Blockbuster?

Ahh Blockbuster, rushing to the new releases, picking up the movie you've already begged family for on every visit, buying enough Popcorn for a month on every visit. Great times.

If you're lucky, you may be able to take yourself back to those glory days during an overnight stay.

The last remaining Blockbuster is now an Airbnb and is available to rent.

The caveat is, you do have to be located in Deschutes County, the location of the last ever Blockbuster, in Bend, Oregon in the United States. Sandi Harding, the store's manager, is offering three, one night reservations during the month of September as an expression of gratitude towards her local community.

"In appreciation for all that the local community has recently done to support the last-of-its-kind during these uncertain times, this end of summer sleepover will offer movie lovers in Deschutes County the chance for a 90s-themed stay to relive the bygone Friday night tradition just as we remember it," read a press release.

Residents of Deschutes County can reserve a stay starting on the 17th of August, for just £3, to book from the 18th-20th of September. It's about the same price as a movie rental back in the day. Guests will have the whole place to themselves and it'll be cleaned and maintained according to Covid-19 measures, sweets and all the glorious bad food is included.

Have a read of this description and go back to the 90s and early 00s for a moment:

"Whether you want to stay up until sunrise or pass out on the couch, we’ve created the perfect space complete with a pull-out couch, bean bags and pillows for you to cozy up with 'new releases' from the ‘90s," it reads. "Crack open a two-liter of Pepsi before locking into a video game, charting your future in a game of MASH, or watching movie after movie. But be wary of reciting 'Bloody Mary' in the staff bathroom off of the break room, as you just may summon the ghost rumored to haunt the store."

The Bend Blockbuster became the last on its kind after Alaska and Australia stores shut down. The pandemic didn't stop the store from doing its thing, with extra cleaning measures and curtsied pick-up being the way forward. It appears that people really appreciated the effort.

"I had a customer come in and she said, 'I am so grateful that you reopened, because I couldn't flip through Netflix one more time,'" Harding recently stated.


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