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Glow Up superstar, Eve Jenkins, on why she will always love Liverpool glam makeup

by Millie Lockhart. Published Thu 23 Jul 2020 10:06, last updated: 23/07/20

Eve Jenkins, 24 from The Wirral, competed on BBC’S Glow Up this year coming third after a spectacular grand finale.
During her time on the makeup-loving show, Eve’s fantastic ability to use her initiative in the real world tasks scored her an evening working as a makeup artist at Strictly Come Dancing, and a four-page spread in Hunger Magazine photographed by Rankin.

The show is split up into different challenges, with each episode having the contestants take part in a ‘real world’ task. Eve had to work blind, meeting a specific brief in which she had no time to prepare in advance.

Some of these tasks included creating prosthetic makeup on extras on Holby City, learning how to create theatre makeup on actors in the west-end production of the Lion King and preparing models makeup during fashion week.

Discussing her time on the show, Eve said: "Those eight weeks in that competition, I experienced more than I have in my whole life, it was like a crash course in makeup and an incredible experience".

"Working with Rankin was the biggest highlight of the show, not just because I did so well in that task, but because throughout the competition I hadn’t felt I’d shown how strong I was."

"James, another contestant, was always so good at the creative briefs and I felt like I was in a competition where I was constantly fighting to stay ahead because the one thing I was good at (glam makeup) the show didn’t do".

Glam makeup is a mix between Old Hollywood Glamour style makeup with bold lips, long lashes and contour with a natural style foundation and can add a pop of colour or glitter to the eyes to be bolder.

It was interesting to explain how the show challenged Eve to create different styles of makeup, and to move away from her love of glam makeup, which is extremely popular in Liverpool.

She said: ‘Liverpool and glam are one, in Liverpool you can go around in glam and heeled dress, or no makeup and in trackies and nobody bats an eyelid. It is a very accepting place; nothing surprises me in Liverpool".

"Don’t get me wrong I love all aspects of makeup, but the show has secured how I feel about glam makeup, I am not embarrassed about being a glam artist".

"You know some people really look down on glam artists, people think you won’t be able to do what they want you to do, I’ve always done photoshoots and I’ve always had the salon side of things".

‘But I have gone to job interviews and lost jobs because I work at a Liverpool salon, people don’t want you because you work at a salon and it has such a bad reputation’.

Despite the challenges, Eve is now planning to expand on her social media and hopes to work on more beauty editorial shoots.

"I feel like a rocket, everything is fuelling and if it takes me twenty years that’s absolutely fine, some people may be further ahead of me in their career, but I am just focusing on myself".


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