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Why YOU Should be an NFL Fan!

by Dana Andersen. Published Wed 01 Jul 2020 10:52

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In the last 100 years, since the NFL’s inception in 1920, its taken a firm hold of many Americans. From tailgating to game day bars, and NFL betting, those Americans love their football!

Football related events like the Super Bowl are practically a national holiday, and its time other countries caught on!

As with most sports, one of the main draws is the emotional build up, ending either in euphoria or disappointment. It sucks when your team loses, but is there any better feeling than when they win?

Not to mention the emotional effect it has on people, to see the true ‘Cinderella Stories’ that play out in the NFL.

Teams have gone from being laughing stocks to winners overnight, been immortalised in movies, such as Vince Papale in the 2006 Disney movie, and we’ve even seen people go from being supermarket baggers to incredible quarterbacks.

None of that happens by accident though, the planning and strategy that goes into each game is immense and fascinating.

Trying to figure out how your team will stop the opposing offence, or break their defence, is half the fun of the game, and you don’t even need to leave your sofa!

If you want to interact with the game even further, you can even try your hand at leading your own team in fantasy football.

There are also plenty of ways in which its like no other sports. NFL has pregame, halftime, and postgame shows, with an array of fantastic commentators.

The analysis and play-by-play American football has, is unlike any other, and once you’re invested in the games, they all become must watch shows.

It’s just as well too, when you first start watching the NFL, all the talk of long passes, touchdowns, and monster hits, seems like a foreign language.

Watch a few games, along with the postgame show, and you’ll have all the jargon down before you know it.

Once you’ve watched the games and the shows though, what else is there? Lucky for you, NFL commercials are considered amongst the best adds to exist at all.

There are plenty of Americans, and other nationalities catching on too, who tune into the Super Bowl each year, just to watch the adds.

Slots for adds during the Super Bowl can go for huge amounts of money, so the brands paying want to make sure they’re showing people their absolute best side, leading them to make the best adds possible.

Suddenly, the most boring part of watching TV is just as entertaining as the actual show!

Plus, when you’re not watching the game its self, or the brilliant adds, you can have hours of entertainment from football news, such as ESPN .

With the new season starting in September, now is the perfect time to up your football knowledge, and get into a new game.


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