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Arab Arts Festival holding Parent and Baby Dabke workshop this Saturday

by Khyle Deen. Published Wed 06 May 2020 16:24

Arab Arts Festival will be holding a Parent and Baby Dabke workshop this Saturday, full details are below:

Join Sylvia and Zayd for Parent and Baby Dabke.

Come have fun and learn some basic Dabke steps for you and your little one. Whether you’re a parent or carer, it’s a perfect activity to do together, to get active, learn a new skill or just burn a little energy on a Saturday morning.

Dabke is a traditional Palestinian folkloric dance. This digital workshop will teach you some basic steps, and have a little fun. It’s designed especially for little ones and their parents, so no dance experience is required.

All ages welcome including sling babies.

This year, we’d planned a few dance workshops with El-Funoun Palestinian Dance Troup and Hawiyya Dance Company. This is part of our 2020 digital programme.

You can sign up for this class via Eventbrite. The link is here.

A few days before the event, we’ll send you the invitation to the Zoom session. It is password protected and entry is only via this link. You’ll be able to see the instructor and you can choose whether she can see you or not.

You’ll need to download the Zoom app. It’s free to sign up here.

If you’re using Zoom on your phone or tablet, you’ll need the App.

It’s on iOS here.. It’s available on Android here..

If you have any technical questions about Zoom, email us at admin@arabicartsfestival.co.uk


El-Funoun Palestinian Dance Troupe is an independent, non-profit artistic organization established in 1979 by a small number of enthusiastic, talented and committed artists. Since then, El-Funoun has been crowned as the lead Palestinian dance company in Palestine, as well as among Palestinians in exile. El-Funoun led over one thousand performances locally and internationally.

Website: www.el-funoun.org

FB: www.facebook.com/ElFunoun.Troupe

Hawiyya Dance Company is a women’s dance group who explore identity, culture and resistance through dance. Hawiyya aims to use more contemporary choreographic devices to explore narrative work and expression through this medium. The culturally diverse dancers have come together to unite and share their commitment to the Palestinian cause.

FB: www.facebook.com/HawiyyaDabke/

Instagram: @HawiyyaDabke


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