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Vintage Conspiracy Theories To Waste Time On Now!

by Dana Andersen. Published Sun 12 Apr 2020 18:08

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With so much time stretching out in front of us, conspiracy theories are often the way many of us choose to fill it. Right now though, they’re getting a bit mad, aren’t they? From 5g towers, to secret Chinese labs, the conspiracy theories are flowing out in floods of twitter threads and WhatsApp forwards. Its causing a terrible spread of false information, and perhaps even worse, how many of us end up having them seep into the back of our minds, ready to leak back out to keep us up at night. So, what is the solution? Vintage conspiracies of course! We already have the answers as to if they’re real or fake, so once you’re done reading up on it, theres nothing left to worry about. Here are five, just to start you off.


We’ve all heard about the assassination of JFK, but getting to the bottom of who actually did the deed takes us on a path of lies, deceit, and uncertainty. Theres an absolute wealth of documentaries, books, reddit threads, and podcasts about this theory, so plenty to keep you occupied regardless of your media preferences. Every source seems to have a different opinion on who actually did the deed, so theres plenty of space to come up with your own theories!

The Roswell Incident

Do aliens, and government secrets, in small town America sound good? Then Roswell is the conspiracy for you! There are plenty of witness sightings, a supposed alien autopsy, and even interviews with people supposedly involved with the FBI and other Federal bodies. Whether it was an alien spacecraft, or simply a weather balloon, theres plenty to find out before you can make your own decision.


It’s difficult to encourage people to look into 9/11 conspiracy theories, considering how many lives were lost, but there are a true wealth of both plausible, and totally crackpot, theories out there that can eat up a good chunk of time. It’s not one for everyone, and its one to navigate carefully to avoid some of the most distressing, definitely true, parts of that day, but there may be some truths yet to be outed.

Crisis Actors

A more recent, but less distressing conspiracy that can make hours of your life disappear right before your eyes, is that of crisis actors. These are actors, paid by the government, to appear as bystanders, and sometimes those lesser involved, with any event seen on the news. Once you get into it, some of the videos out there will absolutely blow your mind. This is one of the few conspiracies that really, definitely, has something to it.

Humans are Martians

No, really, hear me out. There is a huge amount of information about on the internet, admittedly from some lesser trusted and mostly anonymous sources, explaining how, and why, the human race originated from Mars, and later moved to Earth. It sounds crazy now, but give it three hours reading up on it, and twenty minutes of a documentary on it, and then come and try to tell me you don’t believe it even a little bit. Okay, it may not be believable, but reading about it is more fun than staring at the wall!


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