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How To Turn Your Passion Into A Podcast

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Wed 23 Oct 2019 16:23

Being a passionate music fan is one thing but sharing your knowledge and expertise with others will help you turn your hobby into a true vocation. Whilst blogs and written content are great for some topics, when it comes to discussing the latest songs, artists, instruments and technologies, the best way to put your point across is to make a podcast.

By using an audible form of content, you will be able to showcase your musical insight and create an accessible solution that is easy to integrate into a hectic schedule. Listeners can enjoy your music podcast whilst out running, as they travel to work or even as a group in the comfort of their home or office. Here’s how you can make podcasts work for you and get your music thoughts across.

Finalise Your Ideas

You might know what music style you want to discuss, but you need to narrow down your core topic and the information you want to put across before you begin work on your podcast. By being prepared before you begin you will make the process much easier and create a better product in the end.

Write An Interesting Script

Once you have your ideas finalised, make sure that you create an engaging script that will keep your audience engaged from the moment your podcast starts. Podcast scripts are personal: some podcast creators prefer to write only rough notes and then improvise the majority of their speech, whilst others would rather write a detailed script. Whatever your style, make sure your that script is readable so you don’t make any mistakes during recording by using a quality writing tool.

Use The Music Samples You Want

With online services offering access all to the tracks and samples you could ever possibly desire, you can easily take the pieces of music you enjoy and integrate them into your podcast, allowing you to create unique content that is informative and interesting. These services allow you to use your favourite music without infringing copy-write, so that you are safe in the knowledge that your favourite artists are getting the coverage and remuneration that they deserve.

Get Help Editing Your Content

Creating a professional podcast can be a challenge for those who are not technologically minded, so to make sure that the finished podcast is perfect use a dedicated podcast editing service. Working with experts will ensure that your podcast sounds slick and enticing, rather than amateurish and dull. First impressions are important, so you want to make sure that your listeners aren’t put off by poor quality audio when they first tune in to your podcast.

Connect With Your Listeners

Once you’ve got your podcast up and running, make sure that you create new content regularly and use social media platforms to ensure that you connect with and listen to feedback from your listeners. This approach will ensure that you continually enhance your content and remain relevant. By doing shout-outs, hosting competitions and making the changes your audience wants you will be able to retain and increase your following and really make a name for yourself in the crowded music podcast industry.


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