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Sleep all day!? No chance. Not at this weekend! Where everyone will be partying, long in to the night.... For The Love of Horror 2019 comes to Manchester next weekend

by George Jaeger-Wright. Published Tue 08 Oct 2019 19:38, last updated: 09/10/19

Monopoly Events have done it again.

Next week (19th and 20th October) sees the largest Horror con weekend to assemble in the UK, at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester.

This will include, amongst others, the biggest reunion of The Lost Boys cast ever seen on these shores. This isn’t just a Lost Boys event though, it’s also a collection of some of the iconic horror movie actor’s props from the last 30+ years.

This event will see cast reunions from The Lost Boys (including Kiefer Sutherland!), IT (1990) as well as actors Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith from the SAW franchise.

For many people (including myself) The Lost Boys is the greatest example of modern vampire movie you’ll ever see. The cool set designs the amazing young cast, and the superb one liners like “Death by Stereo!” all make for a completely unique cinematic experience.

It’s not just the above which connects with fans, it’s the feeling you get watching it. The feeling you get is the same you had in the late 80’s early 90’s watching it on an old VHS. Whether it was your friends introducing it to you, or like me an older sibling babysitting you, and making you promise not to tell the parental units when they got back.

The movie (as much as it’s rated a 15) is made for that era when you were a little too young to be watching it but you still wanted to go out and fight vampires, like the Frog Brothers. Some of you may have even wanted to be vampires (I know I did). They were so cool.

Ask a kid from that time if they wanted to be Bela Lugosi’s incarnation of Dracula, who may have looked like their Great Uncle or Grandad or Kiefer Sutherland with his long black coat, boots and motor bike…I know what they’d say.

I’ve heard people talk about it as a movie which is more about the family. In a lot of ways, I’d have to agree. It’s all about brothers. Whether they’re supernaturally linked like David and his, humans fighting the forces of evil at an early age like the Frogs or Sam and Michael dealing with down to earth issues like their parents’ divorce. The movies main bad guy Max is all about linking the families together and ‘living’ as some sort of ‘blood sucking Brady Bunch’.

I think this is an important theme in the movie. This theme of family and brotherhood is as integral to the movie as the blood, horror and ‘oiled up sax guy’. They seriously do not make movies like this anymore.

The two day event will have Q&A panels from cast members, individual photo shoots and group shoots with all the Lost Boys crew. There will also be performances from the one and only G Tom Mac, who will be singing the theme ‘Cry Little Sister’ as well as a selection of numbers from his Lost Boys musical. The event will also be a first UK horror appearance by the previously mentioned "oiled up sax guy" Tim Capello.

He’ll also be performing my personal favourite ‘I Still Believe’, on both days! There will also be photo ops of set builds from this movie and many others including the famous Welcome to Santa Carla sign, and props from the set of Saw.

As well as opportunities to meet and greet other stars of horror, there will be the ‘The Mad Monster Party’ "The Mad Monster Party" after hours.

DJs will be going long in to the night playing all your favourite horror themed tunes, as well as live performances from the two musical guests Capello and G Tom.

Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric, Alex Winter, Billy Wirth and Chance Michael Corbitt, Jamison Newlander at no other horror con will you get to see this group together. Of course, it’s easy to get lost in the shadows of these amazing Lost Boys guests; however these, alongside the other stars making an appearance from IT, Saw, Jason Voorhees himself (Kane Hodder), The Devils Rejects and non-other than Fred Dekker.

Fred directed the 1987 classic ‘The Monster Squad’ and we all know Fred’s Q&A will be worth the entrance fee on its own.

There will be amazing bonus areas like the Scare Maze and Fright Night Ghost Hunt, as well as stalls selling all your favourite horror themed goodies. If you want to relax and have a drink and bite to eat, there are bars and food areas to peruse.

There will also be a Cosplay Competition with the winner walking away with a cool £250!

Head over to For the Love of Horror's official Facebook page for more news and updates.

General admission tickets are now very limited, so get yours here while you still can!

Photo op tickets are also available here


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