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Silk Rd to host exclusive Tasting Evening to showcase culinary journey

by Khyle Deen. Published Wed 02 May 2018 08:49

Silk Rd is set to showcase an exclusive Tasting Evening at an immersive dining experience on Wednesday, May 23.

Located in Liverpool’s Beetham Plaza, the venue’s event promises to take diners on a journey across the Silk Road trail as they sample flavours from the Pacific through to the Mediterranean.

During the evening, guests will be given the chance to sample flavours from a bespoke menu whilst being guided through each dish and its inspirations and origins courtesy of the restaurant’s resident experts.

Owner Chris Williams said: “Here at Silk Rd we are genuinely passionate about the food that we serve and the customer experience that we provide, and we look forward to spoiling our diners with a chance to really learn about the origins of our favourite dishes. The story and culture of the Silk Road trail is at the essence of all that we do. We look forward to opportunities such as this that allow us to educate both new and existing customers on the historic path and how each individual stop on the map has influenced our whole brand – from our menu to our décor and everything in between.

“Our upcoming Tasting Evening will serve as a culinary master class, giving our guests a chance to indulge with a variety of dishes expertly combined with a selection of our finest hand-picked wines. The dishes that we have included as part of our Taster Menus showcase the very best picks from our diverse offering and exclusive items from our new menu.”

On the evening, guests will be treated to five courses including a Meze Starter accompanied by Aromatic Strofilla White Dot Peloponnese White Wine followed by three rounds of Fish, Vegetarian and Meat dishes all aptly paired with a hand-selected wine. The menu comprises the likes of Seabass, Montado De Gambas, Chana Masala Curry, Malaysian Steak, Cauliflower Steak, and Yaour Tlou before finishing with a selection of delectable desserts including Feta Cheesecake with Honey and Chocolate Torte with Chilli.

Owner Javier Mellado added: “To guide diners through their immersive journey along the Silk Road Trail, we will be sharing the stories behind each dish, explaining the qualities that make each one so unique and special to use here at the restaurant. We were inspired to host a Tasting Evening following the launch of Silk Rd’s newest menu, which includes a duo of ‘Tasting Menus’ such as the Marco Polo and the more indulgent Emperor Mu.

“Having tried and tested everything on the Taster Menu ourselves, we are confident that our passion for all things food and travel will show on the evening and we hope that we can inspire our guests to try new and exciting dishes.”

Silk Rd’s Tasting Evening is priced at £40 per person and includes five courses each accompanied by a glass of wine. Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance. To book contact the restaurant directly on 0151 345 3536.

For more information visit www.silkrd.co.uk


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