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Tales From the City explores LGBT history in Liverpool

by Lydia Judd. Published Wed 18 Oct 2017 20:14, last updated: 18/10/17

An exhibition commemorating 50 years since the 1967 Sexual Offences Act was introduced - has opened at the Museum of Liverpool.

Tales From the City explores half a century of individual stories and experiences from the LGBT+ community, through objects, art, photography - and more.

The powerful exhibition looks at how social and legal changes have affected the community since the 1967 Sexual Offences act partially decriminalised homosexuality. Among exhibits on display, is an interactive film featuring Liverpool DJ and member of the LGBT+ community, Pete Price.

The film talks about his experience having aversion therapy – treatment to "cure" him of being homosexual during the mid-1960s.

He said, “I think everybody should see the exhibition because they should know, what it was like to be a homosexual - illegally.

"You might understand more, what homosexuality is about, and how people feel about it.

“It's an important exhibition - I'm thrilled they have done it.

“It's fascinating, but incredibly sad.”

Other items include, the Brookside sign - signifying the first pre-watershed lesbian kiss, by writer Shaun Duggan, material from Liverpool Pride, such as leaflets and banners, and significant outfits from the likes of Lily Savage and Holly Johnson.

The exhibition also recognises major national events such as Section 28, civil partnerships, marriage, age of consent equality and equal adoption rights.

Kay Jones, Curator of Community History at the Museum of Liverpool, hopes the exhibition will be a starting point for further discussions.

She said: "We know we can not possibly tell the entire history of the LGBT+ community in one exhibition - this is just a start. It's part of Liverpool's history, and identity, so it would be nice to see that embedded in future exhibitions.

"We hope that it leaves a legacy, and people feel that their voices have been heard to encourage them to tell their stories more."

"Tales from the City" is free entry and runs until late 2018.

For more information visit www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk


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