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Movema in search for Halloween Lantern Carnival Parade dancers - no experience needed

by Khyle Deen. Published Mon 09 Oct 2017 15:02

Movema World Dance Company invite local people of all ages and abilities to perform with them at the spectacular Halloween Lantern Carnival Parade, Sunday 29th October with amazing costumes by Liverpool Lantern Company!

Award winning local company Movema specialise in bringing community members to participate in incredible city events alongside professional artists. The evening parade takes place in Liverpool City centre and promises to be “the best trip of your after-life”! Rehearsals will take place at Movema’s base at the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts on Wednesday evenings in October.

Choreographer Maria Malone says; “We are thrilled to offer this amazing opportunity to the people of Liverpool. We have performed many times with the Liverpool Lantern Company, participants and audiences love the extravagant, light-up costumes, it’s an unforgettable experience.”

Places are limited so anyone interested should come to our World Fusion classes 6-7pm on a Wednesday ASAP to secure their costume. Rehearsals are part of the class, which includes a fun dance session of dances from around the world for ages 8+.

For more information about rehearsals, performance and prices please see our ‘Movema’ Facebook page and event, email info@movema.co.uk or call 07548 365 869.

Find out more about Movema at www.movema.co.uk


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