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Hooha Comedy Night at Constellations Liverpool

by Khyle Deen. Published Sat 22 Jul 2017 16:59

Comedy was the name of the game this past Tuesday night at Constellations, HooHa Comedy Night was in full swing, regulars and newcomers took to the stage to showcase their funny material.

John Wilson hosted the evening, warming the crowd up in between the acts, very well done, a very welcoming and humourous guy.

The place was busy, which is always a good sign, perhaps a challenge for new comics, but a great push like that can often be just what is needed for any live performer.

Among the comedic tales heard were ones of suicidal thoughts and general musings on what life may bring. This routine appeared to be a little bit cut short by an interrupting phone alarm which was a shame, he was one of the funniest, his sombre and almost stone faced demeanor added a lot of value.

One stand up act discussed her experiences in nursing homes and the kind of clientele that inhabited them. She then encouraged audience participation in the form of a song all about vaginas, a ukulele was the instrument of choice in that one. That song was a fun one and is still lingering in my head even towards the end of the week. She claimed she was an actress, which kind of took us out of the routine, I feel it'd have been a lot better if she'd left that detail out. It wasn't a terrible set at all, but tweaks may be needed in the future for that particular routine.

One of the funniest acts was a man named John Fitzpatrick, he told stories of reflecting on his school days and told a joke about questioning mortality during a shopping trip, his first time cooking for a date and more. I thought he had a natural ability to make people laugh and he definitely shined.

Author and comic Dave McCluskey was definitely another highlight, bringing his scouse charm, his bit about debunking scouse myths was really good and relatable, which always makes for great comedy. His entire gag about taking and sending his first dick pic was brilliant too.

All in all, it was a highly entertaining evening of comedy, it happens at Constellations on the third Tuesday of every month.

You can check out HooHa Comedy via their Facebook page and keep up to date on their events at https://www.facebook.com/Hooha-Comedy-539045422876554/


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