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Horizon E-Sports Club - gaming done right

by Danielle Robertson. Published Thu 27 Apr 2017 18:52

E-Sports is organized pro gaming that is extremely popular in other parts of Europe and Asia and is slowly on the rise in the UK.

Horizon E-Sport Club opened five months ago and is situated on Pilgrim Street, in Liverpool City Centre.

It was opened by a local business man, who owns a lot of student accommodation around the city, after he decided to try something new instead of building more housing for students.

He knew that there was a market in the city, with in the local gaming community and they would benefit from a central hub, for the social element of gaming. Five months later and Horizon E-Sport Club is doing really well.

Their popularity is growing and the response they are getting from customers is fantastic. The club attracts both boys and girls, of a mixed age and they want to provide a place for people to play games, as well as meeting others with the same interest.

They also want to change the stigma that gaming is just for boys because they think gaming isn’t exclusive.

As well as having two floors of computers, Horizon E-Sport also has a café that sells food and drink.

Customers can use the café for free to socialise with friends or can use the computers for a small charge. They also have a membership offer which they think will be cheaper for customers in the long term.

Horizon E-Sport Club is the only one of its kind in Liverpool and they hope that one day they can open clubs nationwide.

The club is open every day between 12pm-12am and if you’re a keen gamer or want to find out more information about Horizon E-Sport club, visit their Facebook page.


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