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MCM Comic Con Liverpool 2017: The Review

by Ellie Gregory. Published Mon 13 Mar 2017 14:49, last updated: 15/03/17

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Yesterday the first batch of pop-culture fans made their way to Liverpool Exhibition Centre for the second annual MCM Comic Con Liverpool event.

The day saw hundreds of visitors dressed up as their favourite film stars, anime characters, and even cartoons to flaunt their creativity and design.

Some of the more impressive costumes were home-made, such as a Tauntaun (a special type of snow-lizard which featured in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back), a magnificent armoured piece called Daedric from Skyrim, and a Studio Ghibli fine feathered creation called Howl.

Scattered throughout the Exhibition Centre were various stalls, both independent business and top-brand names such as Pop Vinyl.

In the Comic Village, where a selection of the finest handmade comics were exhibited, there were artists drawing the next sketch for their latest story, commissions were available to order, and also, all of the artists were more than happy to meet and greet their readers.

But the one duo who stole the show this weekend was the 70s TV legends in the hit American cop thriller, Starsky and Hutch.

They were joined by one of television’s flashiest characters, Huggy Bear, Antonio Fargas, known for his immense sense of style.

Fans could join the trio for a Q&A session, where they could reminisce and enjoy their company.

But fans who wanted the full 70s American cop experience could ride in Starsky’s famous red and white striped Gran Torino for £299, accompanied by Starsky and Hutch themselves.

David Soul, Starsky, said: “One thing that’s great is that the three of us have remanned really good friends— that’s very rare, and I’m really grateful for that!

“It’s very rare to find a relationship like we had on that show that comes from the heart.”


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