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Brazilian artist Hugo Canuto transforms Marvel's Avengers into Orishas

by Khyle Deen. Published Wed 08 Feb 2017 22:16
Photo credit: Hugo Canuto
Photo credit: Hugo Canuto

The Avengers is among the most popular Marvel franchises to date, it combines the forces of 4 or more of the strongest, boldest and most cunning superheroes to create an all star alliance that can conquer any and all evil in its path.

A lifelong fan and follower of the franchise, Brazilian illustrator Hugo Canuto recreated the classic #4 Avengers cover, replacing the Marvel characters with orixas, the deities of candomble. Cadomble is a religion brought to Brazil by slaves from Benin and Nigeria practicing Yoruba religions. The comic swaps out Iron Man for the warrior Oxaguiã, the Norse god Thor is traded in for the just-as strong, hammer-wielding ruler of justice Xangô; Ant-Man is replaced with Ossain, king of the forest and Captain American is traded for the mighty Ogum.

Hugo named the title of his spin-off “The Orixás,” combining both the Portuguese and English languages on purpose. In November, he began a crowd-funding campaign to produce two comics: “Tales of Òrun Àiyé” which is Yoruban for heaven and earth. Have a look at his brilliant artwork and support his Facebook page.


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