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7 celebrities that are avid yoga practitioners!

by Khyle Deen. Published Sat 24 Dec 2016 14:00

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Seeing our favourite celebrities enjoying the same things that we do is always brilliant to see, even more so when it's a healthy activity such as yoga!

The following are just a few celebrities that are dedicated yogis and we want to share that in time for the new year, a perfect time to pick up a new activity and start a healthier lifestyle.

You can see more photos in our gallery.

1) Ellie Goulding

Musician and self-proclaimed yoga addict, Ellie Goulding’s King Pigeon is just beautiful.

2) Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons is a daily practitioner of yoga, both on and off his mat. He has undertaken the life of a yogi in Western society by following advice in the Yoga Sutras and is a follower on the path of the Eight Limbs. The depiction of his Natarajasana sums up his fance through the Limbs.

3) Adam Levine

Practicing yoga with a great Side Crow! The Maroon 5 singer and star of The Voice in the USA has a yoga mat backstage at every show.

4) Madonna

Known yogi Madonna takes the activity very seriously, she demonstrates a Foot-Behind-The-Head pose.

5) Emma Watson

Harry Potter star Emma Watson is a certified yoga instructor, using the practice to balance out her busy schedule. She relies on yoga! She's seen clasping her palms together in Anjali Mudra.

6) Orlando Bloom

Hatha practitioner and serious meditator Orlando Bloom practices regularly, always starting and ending with a bow and Namaste.

7) Drew Barrymore

It’s a family affair with this celeb. Practicing with her “mini” just like we all love to do! Check out Drew Barrymore practicing Salabhasana (Locust Pose) in her back yard.

Brilliant form of inspiration and a strong convincer to take up yoga if there ever was one!



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