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Marvel Comics reveal they are sharpening their knives to kill off Deadpool

by Pierce King . Published Mon 12 Jan 2015 16:02, last updated: 12/01/15

Fans of the Merc With a Mouth might have been riding high, confident that he's on top form after seeing him get married and his long-awaited solo movie finally got the thumbs up from Marvel Studios.

But, as the old adage goes, all good things must come to an end. This April marks the end of Deadpool at Marvel Comics. Yes, there are killing off Wade #ICan'tDie Wilson.

Not only is the ongoing series coming to an end with Deadpool #250 (a.k.a. #45), but they are killing Deadpool off for good.

The Death of Deadpool is the centerpiece of Deadpool #250 (a.k.a. #45), a whopping billy club of an issue, totalling 96 pages and boasting a dazzling array of creative talent like Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, Scott Koblish, Mike Hawthorne, and many more.

Besides the main story, we’ll also witness Deadpool getting his hands on a fully-powered Infinity Gauntlet, as well as many other stories to give our favourite chimichanga chomping badass a proper send-off.

To take you deeper inside the beginning of the end of Deadpool, the peeps at Nerdist sat down with writer Gerry Duggan and editor Jordan D. White to pick their brains about what we can expect, why now is the right time to kill the Merc With a Mouth. But first, take an exclusive sneak peek at the cover for Deadpool #250 (a.k.a. #45) and the solicit text.

Note: This is technically the 250th issue of Deadpool, hence the titling conceit. You’ll learn more about how they figured out the math of it all in the interview below.

DEADPOOL #250 (A.K.A. issue #45)

That’s right—if you add together all the Deadpool series (creatively) issue 45 is the big 250th issue of Deadpool! What better way to celebrate than to end the series? In our over-sized main story, ULTIMATUM comes at Deadpool for revenge, so he has no choice but to take them on—ALL OF THEM. Then, in an Infinity Gauntlet crossover, what would Deadpool do if he got the six gems from Thanos? Plus: a slew of stories showcasing Deadpool’s closest friends and allies by special guest writers! Also, SPOILER: Deadpool dies at the end of the issue.

Here's a snippet from Nerdist's interview with Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan and editor Jordan D. White...

Nerdist: Let’s talk about this solicit, because I have to say it was pretty shocking – definitely not what I was expecting. I think the last time I spoke with you guys about Deadpool, he was getting married. Things seemed so hopeful! So why does Deadpool have to die? Does Marvel have sort of a deep-seated hatred of characters with healing factors? They’re killing them off left and right.

Gerry Duggan: No, we love our characters with healing factors! It’s just Wolverine’s dead, Deadpool’s going to die, and Steve Rogers is an old man. There’s no more healing factor. [laughing] So there’s absolutely nothing to your question.

No, you know what? I will say this: in all honesty, the story that you’re going to get in Deadpool #250, is a story that we really have been building to since the first issue of Deadpool NOW. And it will absolutely feel – it will feel, I hope, readers will think that this is an appropriate end for this Deadpool.

We’ve tied in with some events – the last couple, we did Axis and we did Original Sin, and I think both of those were very good opportunities for Deadpool. It’s not like we’re sort of doing this just to do it. We’re doing it because it makes sense.

Jordan D. White: And anybody who’s been reading Deadpool while Gerry’s been writing it knows that we’ve been having a really good time doing terrible things to Wade.

GD: I will say, though, that the manner in which he dies – even us telling you that he’s dying, it’s not really a spoiler, because when you see how he dies, I think your head will explode. [laughter]

JDW: We have a lot of evil laughter when we talk about this issue.

GD: Yeah, I know, we do. It’s true.

JDW: We can’t explain – when you read it, you’ll understand. But we cackle a lot about it.

N: It’s good to at least enjoy that schadenfreude. I take it you guys don’t feel guilty about killing him now that he has a wife and has been reunited with his daughter and he found inner peace?

GD: [laughter] Well, I mean, the interesting thing, I guess, like the – I’m not sure how to say this. Look, I always feel slightly guilty hurting Deadpool, but Jordan has sort of mentioned a cornerstone of what we have attempted to do is surround it with people that cause him to be pained, like his new wife, hopefully. You’ve got relationships that – they become weak points on Deadpool, and do we feel bad? Eh, a little bit, but then the laughter starts, and we realized what a horrible thing that we’ve done, and the joy of hurting Wade sort of takes over. I feel no regret about what we are about to commence on.


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