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Star Wars Han Solo Black Series Wave 2 - Uncanny Figure Review

by Dave Johnson. Published Sun 22 Dec 2013 12:00

Han Solo is a definite fan pleaser and one of the most likable antiheroes on the big screen.

The creators at Hasbro announced their intention to not use the famous faces of the Star Wars actors for the likeness on the figure. Instead the company aimed to capture the look of Han as a character instead of imitating Harrison Ford's face.

Despite this the sculpt of Han is impressive, which makes it hard to distinguish between the actor and the character.

The precise paint job helps to sell a convincing look with an even skin tone, bright eyes and minimal paint bleed.

Out of the box the paint work may seem flat and basic, but on closer inspection you can pick out details on the waistcoat and his leather boots that have been distinguished in high gloss paint.

Han enjoys a full range of articulation and features adaptable rocker ankles that have proven popular in the Marvel Legends range.

Ball joints also feature heavily in the Black Series and Han’s ab-crunch is so good you can have him belly dancing to the Cantina band if you wished.

But, not all of Han’s ball joints move so freely. Like Greedo, Han suffers from limited movement on his head joint because of an overlap of hair. This is only minimal but it could prove a problem when attempting to pose his head.

Out of the box Han is included with a bounty of accessories including his original and storm trooper variant holster and blaster, as well as interchangeable sculpted glove hands, which were only seen in a few scenes.

More accessories are always a good thing, but changing them around can be a tricky task. Han’s brown holster includes a leg strap that can prove difficult to take on and off at times.

The Black Series Han Solo is more complete than other variants fans have received in the past. The addition of extra accessories make this figure well worth the money and an added bonus for fans who want to pose Han in different scenes.


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