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Original GTA gets the GTA 5 treament

by James McAllister. Published Tue 22 Oct 2013 17:43

For GTA fans tiring of Los Santos and Blaine County, take a trip down memory lane with Michael Dailly’s 3D remake of the original GTA.

Dailly, the man responsible for the birth of GA and Lemmings, exists in Videogame folklore for creating addictively fun games on primitive hardware.

GTA is known as a powerhouse of crisp graphics and unadulterated fun, something that can’t be said for the original.

A top down view combined with a 3D environment made for clumsy gameplay, resulting in massive killing rampages instead of indulging the story missions. Despite these shortfalls the games environment was the most immersive of its time - and these new screenshots are impressive nonetheless.

Using YoYo Games GameMaker: Studio tool, Dailly was able to modify the point of view and add similar textures to those seen in the original title.

Rockstar currently own the rights to GTA, so it’s unlikely that we will get to play a finished version of the game, but he has promised to release ‘something’ when he has finished - probably without maps or textures.

Dailly is happy to answer questions about the project through Twitter, where he releases new screenshots and updates.


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