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Emily and the Faves Album Launch at the Static Gallery

by Richard Lewis. Published Tue 21 Jun 2011 13:40

Boasting a stellar bill with Stealing Sheep, The Wild Eyes and It’s Murder Beams also in the line-up, Emily and the Faves album launch was clearly set to be a 'big event.’

Stealing Sheep opened to a sizable crowd, their spiralling harmonies and woozy psychedelia even more beguiling live after their relentless touring.

The Wild Eyes picked up the pace, their storming garage rock winning new converts. Led from the front by singer Huw’s driving guitar riffs, the trio channel the inventive spirit of The Pink Floyd’s early work with the aggressive energy of sixties US underground groups.

Emily and the Faves took to the stage in a radically different format to the last time they played in the city when they appeared as a scaled down three-piece.

Augmented by a trumpet and double bass to start with, the quintet play a brace of songs before reverting to full electric mode.

The eponymous debut album was played in its entirety, alongside tracks that will form the foundations of the follow up.

The sunny indie-pop of I Never Saw and the addictive melody of Golden Hair found Emily’s songwriting at the peak of its powers.

The angular riff of Is It Still Nighttime? powered by the singer’s oscillating guitar line and mysterious closing chant showcasing the off kilter elements in the band’s sound, as much inspired by Krautrock as straightforward guitar pop.

An excellent gig, that doubled up as a brilliant showcase for the LP, new track Rain, another highpoint in the set, bodes well for the second album, rumoured to be hard on the heels of the debut.

Emily and The Faves debut album is out now



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