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The Dark Delights of The Wicked Whispers Live at The Kazimier

by Richard Lewis. Published Tue 07 Jun 2011 18:52, last updated: 07/06/11

A bill of retro-infused rockers cherry picked by Harvest Sun Promotions for The Wicked Whispers’ EP launch night brought support from The Wild Eyes and Beatnik Hurricane.

Firmly setting the controls for the heart of the sun, The Wild Eyes were first on and delivered a storming set.

The sound bouncing out of the speakers anchored by bassist Neil’s immobile Bill Wyman-esque presence and aided by a flickering light show.

New tune Frustration was unveiled, the sneery vocals reminiscent of John Lydon before middle age and the money men got to him.

An early outing for The Beatnik Hurricane saw the group aim for more straight-ahead rock than the other acts on the bill, their guitar riffs swarming over the increasing crowd like angry wasps.

The Wicked Whispers, immaculately turned out as ever in their retro finery operate in the brief but fertile period between 1965 and 1967.

Incorporating trebly Byrdsian jangle, Ray Manzarek Vox organ and eerie Syd Barrett vocals the five piece mould their influences into compact nuggets of sound.

Amanda Lavender and its B-side (nice to be able to still be able to use the term) Poison Ivy received the biggest reception, the vaguely creepy atmosphere of the supporting feature complementing the whimsical brightness of the A-side.

Debut EP The Dark Delights of The Wicked Whispers is out now.

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