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Sound Of Guns hit their hometown with a bang

by Conor Killick & Danielle Pugh. Published Sun 03 Oct 2010 21:55, last updated: 13/05/11

Walking into the O2 Academy Liverpool, the words Sound Of Guns mean as a little to me as World War II history or Call Of Duty. But the EVOL night of music soon changed that for the better.

Ranging from electronic to hard rock it’s a large variety of music being played and the audience themselves show support for all of the bands that take the stage, but largest dividends were paid to Scouse headliners, Sound Of Guns.

Preceding Sound Of Guns is a happy indie ensemble called Little Comets. Sounding like Vampire Weekend in their younger days their upbeat dancing and cheerful guitar riffs were well in demand and the good time music whipped up an optimistic treat for the crowd.

Having paved the way brilliantly for Sound Of Guns with their cheerful melodies, the crowd are well and truly up for their homecoming show and they do not disappoint.

They rip into the eager crowd with an energetic display of hard rock, and punchy riffs. Crammed into the smallest Academy, the heat is overwhelming, as the crowd has swelled upto the barrier in which frontman, Andy Metcalfe climbs onto and hangs from the ceiling and sides of the stage. The crowd lap up their short and snappy set.

Sound Of Guns are keeping their eyes on the target of moving on up to national acclaim. Being mentioned in dispatches in the Sun's Bizarre column last month was a good start.

As long as they keep rocking like this, we reckon they can make their big bang happen.


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