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Video Of The Day: The Carlton Fresh Prince of Bel Air dance

by Amy Roberts. Published Fri 11 Jun 2010 12:08, last updated: 11/06/10

Carlton Banks is a personal hero of ours. It's hard not to find inspiration from most of the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air characters - but preppy, awkward, geek fest Carlton surely deserves the most adoration and awe.

Any man who can drop the potential to retain all of their dignity in return for a hip poppin, feelgood jive is a friend of ours, and come on - just look at him. Doesn't the very sight of the man's facial expression of extreme delight, his alienation and upstaging of faux-cool Will, and his ability to move like several pints of jelly trapped inside a one man locomotive just make you gleam with pure joy?

That's just what we thought.

Get out of your seat, blast it up and warm up those dance moves for wherever you wind up this weekend.

And remember, when in doubt, channel Carlton.

See you on the dance floor, superstars.


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"I based my entire weekend around this" Toni, Liverpool around 12 years, 2 months ago