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Video of the day: Slayer - Angel Of Death (Live @ Ozzfest 1996)

by Amy Roberts. Published Mon 07 Jun 2010 10:58

Whilst the details are still a little sketchy as to what exactly goes down on the International Day Of Slayer - apart from of course gathering together with your nearest and dearest, downing a couple of tinnies of extra strength lager, throwing devil horns about the place and head banging yourself into minor concussion - aint no denying that it's a fine excuse for a days holiday.

So yeah - we might be a day late in our celebrations, but does it matter? It's back to the working slog of things, which is frankly vile. We recommend you turn this bad boy up on your office comp and blast all hell out of that Daily Mail reading ludite sat across the way from you.


P.s. It's real: http://www.nationaldayofslayer.org/


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