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Pictorial: Behind the scenes with The Temps (supporting The Fall)

by Alabama Roxanne. Published Wed 26 May 2010 12:22
The Temps by Matt Thomas
The Temps by Matt Thomas

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When we heard that The Temps were supporting local legends The Fall during their opening night performance for Liverpool Sound City, we had to stick our bloody nose in and ask em to take lots of pretty pictures for us.

Being the lovely chaps that they are, we were sent a rather darling bundle of cider inspired mugshots with big name pals and big time stoked states.

Frontman Joey Wainwright gave us a caption guide through the snapshots:

Pic 1: "Angry, Agressive and.... camp?"

Pic 2: "Setting up Our Merch."

Pic 3: "Billy (quagmire) Clarke eyes up The Fall's Merch..."

Pic 4: "...but ends up settling for a free bevvie - Boo Yah!"

Pic 5: "Stage before playing"

Pic 6: "Aaaaaah!"

Pic 7: "The Temps 19/05/2010"

Pic 8: "Joey and fellow Fall support Pete Bentham"

Pic 9: "Look who we found backstage!"*

*Yes. That most certainly is Mark E Smith.


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