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Close Up: Interview with The Sunshine Underground

by Danny Keightley. Published Thu 11 Feb 2010 18:01, last updated: 12/02/10

Purple Revolver chilled with Craig, Stu, and Matt from Sunshine Underground before their headlining gig at Liverpool's O2 academy. Collectively ambitious about 2010, with a new album, a tour underway and a bunch of festivals with their names on it. TSU are ready to rock it.

They appear to feel at home here in scouseland -- Vocalist Craig Wellington confesses "I'm a massive Beatles fan. I love Liverpool. It's a really vibrant, energetic place."

When asked if they are rock n roll as their wild and peppy shows would suggest; drummer, Matt Gwilt answers "I guess we've done some pretty rock and roll things. I went on a two night bender once and woke up in a garden with a man yelling at me, telling me to stay away from his kids."

Craig adds: "He has an alcohol problem!"

Leeds based indie-rock quartet have been cited by NME as 'psychedelic' and chucked into the 'new rave' genre. On those claims, TSU feel that they are "not akin to Late Of The Pier or The Klaxons".

"We're on an indie label so I guess we'd label ourselves indie.."

When quizzed on the current indie scene, Craig answers "news articles say that indie music is dying down but I don't believe that...there are some great indie bands out there. I'm not keen on that jangly shit though."

Matt interrupts: "it's well overdone."

Despite being essentially an 'indie' band, TSU would claim dance music as an influence in their writing process in terms of beat, and atmosphere than any other contributing factors.

Matt is quick to answer that he cannot stand artists like Basshunter, though and laughingly proclaims that he'd 'punch him in the face' if he had the chance. Craig is reluctant to say anything on the matter since he 'got in too much trouble slagging bangs off in the past!'


TSU are keen to talk about their latest release 'Nobody's coming to save you' the title, originating from a lyric in the opening track, fits in with the super-hero style artwork the band have chosen to use for their release. They are sure that this record will allow them to receive the acclaim they feel they deserve.

Guitarist, Stuart Jones dubbed 'ladies man' by his bandmates looks forward to the upcoming festival opportunities. Watch out for 'em this summer!

(TSU would also like to say they would have Cheryl Cole over Dannii Minogue any day.) Wouldn't we all? No?

Nobody's Coming To Save You is out on 16th February through EMI.


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