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Neil Tennant wants his 'little pets' to rap on Elysium instrumental album

by Jo Ching. Published Wed 26 Sep 2012 10:34, last updated: 26/09/12
Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys want their 'little pets' (Pet Shop Boys fans) to rap over their instrumental pop tracks from Elysium, their 11th pop album.

The electro legends are releasing an instrumental version of Elysium.

On the instrumental version of Elysium, Neil said: "We just liked the way the songs sounded without the singing on them. Sterling Sound mastered the instrumentals and sent them to us for approval."

The West End Girls singer-songwriter said: "Listening to the instrumentals, I fell in love with them. And as a matter of fact, it was an easy way to have an entire bonus album that you can offer. It's probably our first chill-out album. For several days I only played the instrumentals. I like them as much as the proper album. So we suggested to EMI to release it as a bonus CD for an extended edition of the album. And last but not least it is our first karaoke album."

Neil wants listeners to put their own stamp on the new songs and start a new internet viral sensation.

The Let's Make Lots Of Money songwriter said: "I can't wait for the people who start to rap on it and put it on-line. Actually I caught myself thinking of other words that I could sing to these songs while listening to it."

And Chris is on the same page. He added: "It would be interesting to write new songs on existing ones. We could call the albums Actually 2.0 or Yes 2.0."

Pet Shop Boys are the original British art-pop originators, Andy Warhol to Lady GaGa's Damien Hirst.

Neil Tennant was a writer and assistant editor of Smash Hits magazine in the 1980s. Neil once claimed that had he not become a pop star, he would likely have pursued his ambition to become magazine editor.

Pet Shop Boys' Elysium is out now on CD, vinyl and digital formats.


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