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Mixtape Monday: Not Above Evil

by David Gwynn . Published Mon 24 Sep 2012 01:09, last updated: 25/09/12
Not Above Evil band
Not Above Evil band

Band name: Not Above Evil
Mixtape DJ: David Gwynn (guitar)

Mastodon – Leviathan
"My favourite album (the artwork being my first tattoo), it is an absolute essential for any activity of any sort. I won’t explain why I love it, just listen for yourself and give it the time it deserves."

Lamb of God – Resolution
"Lamb of God have a ton of great albums, but on this one there is a noticeable improvement in the drumming and vocals (as if Chris Adler could get any better!). A thumper from start to finish."

Thin Lizzy – Black Rose
"The perfect classic rock album and the only time they managed to rope in Gary Moore long enough to record more than one track."

Genesis – Nursery Cryme
"Not the typical Genesis pick, this one is a bit rawer and (slightly) less proggy than later efforts. Every song has a great hook and the musicianship is top notch."

Sylosis – Edge of the Earth
"Watch your speed listening to this! It’s like getting punched in the head before being submerged in a nice warm bath. Ahhh…"

Machine Head – Unto the Locust
"Similar to Resolution, a noticeable improvement in all performances and some of the best songs MH have ever done."

Baroness – Blue record
"Dynamics are important for making a well-rounded album, and it feels a bit wrong not listening to all of this in one go."

Rodrigo y Gabriela – 11:11
"Just because I’d be sick of listening to drums and electric guitars by this point!"

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