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Liverpool Music Week: Interview - The Holloways

by Danny Keightley. Published Thu 12 Nov 2009 22:14, last updated: 13/11/09
The Holloways
The Holloways

We sat down with The Holloways guitarist Mike Baker and vocalist Alfie Jackson over cup of honey tea before their headlining gig at Liverpool Music Week.

Alfie lazily slouched back against the sofa, they seem on first impression like a couple of down to earth blokes who want nothing more than to write some decent tunes and do their own thing.

They were quick to point out that they can't tell who most band's are on the airwaves and if they think their blend of indie/calypso rock stands out against the others.

'I turn on the radio and you can't tell which band is which' confesses Mike.

'Nothing's original these days...though I guess our lyrics are more tongue in cheek...I mean we have a song about not being arsed with the internet.'

But do they think internet promotion is such a big deal these days, and if would they be a better known band if they bigged themselves up online a bit more.

'Probably. Haha! I guess we don't have much time.'

Mike also poured scorn on the X-Factor and reality TV manufactured music machine after admitting: 'I don't even have a television.

'I watched the X-Factor auditions with friends and family.'

Alfie added: 'But it gets a bit boring after that.'

We asked: 'What about Cheryl Cole? Would you?'

'If she asked nicely' He grins.

With their new album 'No Smoke - No Mirrors' receiving mixed reviews: cited 'the best pop album of the year' by IndieLondon and 'fucking shit' by NME, what do the guys think of the latter response.

'Yeah! We read it. I just laugh at the bad ones, I swear you guys just walk down the street, think of an insult and use it on the next band you come across...the review wasn't about the music. It was just a personal offence on us. It's ridiculous.'

It has been a tough year for the London-based quartet, with an apparently pretty bad year previous too. Signed to a bankrupt label; unable to release anything for a significant amount of time, and having their 'spiritual home' burned to the ground early this year, it's almost a miracle they're still around and making music.

'We just wanna play music. I started the tour with pneumonia, played at THE hottest club in the world last night and almost passed out on stage...it wasn't a bad gig, though. The crowd were amazing, but you know - you're singing and it's not good if you can't breathe at the same time!'

It’s clear from Alfie’s answers that he's full of positive energy and determination, he’s the oldest of the band, but Mike is quick to interject: ‘he’s got the heart of a twenty year old!’

On influences, both admittedly state to being massive Oasis fans and when asked about their recent break up Mike quickly replies:'I think it's all bollocks! Haha.

'They'll get back together! It doesn't really matter anymore. I mean if they'd broke up about 10 years ago, I'd be bothered but they haven't really done that much lately.'

Looking around their tourbus, it seems the boys are big fans of South Park too. With two full seasons on the shelf.

'Trey Parker and Matt Stone are genius.’ Says Alfie. ‘If we were a cartoon, we'd be South Park. The rest of the bands would be Family Guy.' Citing himself as the most like Cartman, Mike adds. ‘I’m the cunt of the gang!’

I’m briefly joined by original bass player, Bryn Fowler and new drummer Edwin D Harris. They quickly make themselves at home, joining in with the banter. I get the impression that the guys don’t take themselves too seriously. And why should they? With an energetic performance plus a quirky attitude backstage; The Holloways are ones to watch.

‘No Smoke – No Mirrors’ is out now on The Orchard (UK) records.


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"Never heard of them before but I like down to earth bands. That's the impression I got from these so I'll definately be checking them out." Andrew Kershaw, Liverpool, UK around 13 years, 9 months ago

"Such an enjoyable interview. I may have to look into these Holloways lads." Lesleyanne Jones, Liverpool around 13 years, 10 months ago