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Pop Levi - The Ladykillers at Mojo, Liverpool review

by Richard Lewis. Published Fri 08 Jul 2011 17:31, last updated: 08/07/11

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The Ladykillers, despite looking too young to be playing in a drinking establishment have already built a sizeable buzz around them over the past few months.

Opening with a rhythmic guitar thrash, like The Buzzcocks, the band have the knack of penning short, sharp simple punk-pop songs.

Switching between the rhythm guitarist and the bass player who wielded a McCartney-esque Hofner violin bass, the band’s frontmen share the lead singing equally.

Despite the occasional sonic hiccup in the playing, the four-piece easily have the pop sensibilities and the songwriting chops down to bloom into a hugely impressive group.

Later on in the evening, after a long teasing wait, Pop Levi took to the stage.
With the club’s capacity notably fuller, the quartet launched into a driving psychedelic rock rumble.

Almost touching the ten minute mark, the opening track showcased the band’s space rock tendencies a la Hawkwind and early Pink Floyd, with a tougher live sound.

Underpinned by Lucky Beaches’ on lead guitar, the four piece ladle swathes of anguished guitar squall onto the tracks. Following their well received Sound City set, the band’s esoteric appeal is clearly undimmed judging by tonight’s reception.

The band’s long-anticipated, decidedly offbeat documentary movie You Don’t Gotta Run played on a loop on the venue’s TV screens throughout, the cult appeal of the four translating effortlessly to the assembled faithful.

Words: Richard Lewis
Photos: Ash Williams Twitter: @ashwilliamsfoto


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"I am a really good frontman, shane is rubbish!!!" Chay, Liverpool around 7 years, 4 months ago

"I LOVE YOU SHANE JACKSON! My favourite band everrrr :D xxxxx" samantha , liverpool around 7 years, 7 months ago