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Jay-Z & Kanye West ~ Watch The Throne due to drop

by Matt Barden. Published Wed 23 Mar 2011 19:38, last updated: 24/03/11

With Hip-Hop needing a long overdue jump start - expectations are running high for Jay-Z’s and Kanye West’s highly anticipated Watch The Throne album.

Executive super producer Young Guru told Vibe.com today that the album only needs a few finishing touches before dropping.

“It just needs little tweaks and things like that. But the core of the album is finished.”

The duo have previously worked together on tracks like, Lucifer, Run this Town and Monster. But this will be the first studio album as a collaborative effort.

Kanye West was the headline show at last weeks SXSW festival in Texas. The Grammy award winning rapper was joined onstage by Jay-Z and a host of other stars.

The pair performed the single H.A.M, which has been available online since January and the excitement for the album is tangible.

Check back for the official release date.


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