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Jim Kerr would want Ringo in his supergroup just to kiss his arse

by Jay Ledsham. Published Tue 05 Oct 2010 11:42, last updated: 05/10/10

Purple Revolver caught up with Jim Kerr of Simple Minds fame this week before he sets off on the road with his side project Lost Boy AKA.

Purple Revolver: Hi Jim, how're you doing?
Jim Kerr: Cant complain, can't complain. But I do complain.

Purple Revolver: Yeah, everybody has the right. So I believe you're home in Scotland for a few days?
Jim Kerr: Yeah, I’m in Glasgow for a while, it’s good to be back.

Purple Revolver: Cool. So are you doing some work on future projects or just hanging out in your hometown?
Jim Kerr: Well, I’m working on the 2nd Lost Boy record, but I am also down because the Minds did a few songs at a private charity bash on Friday night, a lot of rich people donated a lot of money.

Purple Revolver: That’s great. So your last project Lost Boy AKA was released early this year in May, where did the inspiration come from?
Jim Kerr: Well it came from Simple Minds really. I love being in a band, I mean who doesn't? Simple Minds have been going for 30 odd years and I have never thought about doing anything else. But the problem behind most classic bands is they do an album every 3 or 4 years and tour off the back of it, that's great and all but there is too much down time these days. I was talking to my mates recently and they said yeah and the problem with that is what exactly? Well I don't want all the down time, I’ve got too much music in me. I guess over the last couple of years I have just thought I want to really push on and that inspired me to write the songs. The idea of starting over with a blank page appealed to me because you know, simple minds we keep writing new chapters but the story is well established, so I guess I’m a grievous so and so. I want it all, I want simple minds thing to continue and be where it is and at the same time I’m hankering to get back down there from the gigs to the studio and just to begin something from the start. All that stuff started to appeal to me when we first started working on the new tunes, which was probably around a year and half ago now.

Purple Revolver: I see. So you're pretty excited about touring with Lost Boy?
Jim Kerr: I'm really enjoying it to be honest, when you enjoy something you get a lot of energy from it. It has really invigorated me for the upcoming shows. I’ve just finished some stuff with simple minds, we played like 60-70 gigs, so I’m hoping to do about 30-40 gigs with Lost Boy. So yeah its a part I really enjoy and that makes it exciting for me.

Purple Revolver: Now if you could you describe Lost Boy AKA in 3 words, what would they be?
Jim Kerr: Just 3 words? You are putting me on the spot.

Purple Revolver: That can be extended to 5 if its too difficult.
Jim Kerr: Ok, I'd have to say post-punk, but is that two words?

Purple Revolver: That can be classified as one in this case.
Jim Kerr: Alright, it is Post-punk, pop and energetic.

Purple Revolver: Which song on the album is your favourite?
Well I suppose in a sense as it was the first one, its the opening track.

Purple Revolver: So with Lost Boy AKA, does this mean Simple Minds are taking a step back or are no more?
Jim Kerr: Well I mean this is the irony, it looked like that was going to happen but the minds are flying just now and we've just recorded a few tracks which will come out on a compilation album soon. We haven't done one of them in a long, long time. It will be a classy compilation, and we'll have a new album coming out next year. The minds story will keep going and hopefully Lost Boy can inhabit it’s own space, and weave a new chapter in my life.

Purple Revolver: So I read somewhere that one track from Lost Boy AKA Vicious White Kids was influenced by This is England?
Jim Kerr: Well certainly, I was away touring and my son told me I should watch it, this was well before the TV series. I watched the movie and just sat there taking stuff in, then low and behold something emerged in my head, a melody and so I just picked up my guitar and worked with it. I don’t sit there and consciously think I’ll make a song out of this, it just happens.

Purple Revolver: Great movie, TV series was excellent also. Moving on, your tour earlier this year? how did that pan out?
Jim Kerr: Again it was very enjoyable but it was mostly a promo tour in the capital cities so nothing much to talk about.

Purple Revolver: Most of the tour was sold out I believe?
Jim Kerr: Yeah, it was strange because I was sat there saying to myself, you better adjust because from where I’ve been and the people I’ve seen and worked with as part of Simple Minds. I’m going to be starting from the bottom again in tiny clubs playing songs nobody has ever heard of. Now the weirdest thing about the first gig was that it wasn't weird at all. It is not on the same scale as the Minds obviously but people have been turning out. So yeah, I can't wait for the next couple of weeks to begin.

Purple Revolver: So one unrelated question for you, if you could create a super group with 3 people in it including you who would be in?
Jim Kerr: Good question I mean if we're talking about a rock and roll group then Pete Townsend from The Who, seen them not long ago. He would be there and then I’d make it a bit more adventurous with Robbie Shakespeare. As for a drummer, could we have Ringo in there, (kissing my arse).

Purple Revolver: I must say I think that would be incredible to see and hear. Obviously you would be the front man yeah?
Jim Kerr: Why did I just take that for granted (laughs).
Purple Revolver: You've got to be the front man for your own super group.
Jim Kerr: Yeah well I don't mind being the manager if I get a big enough cut (laughs).

Purple Revolver: So last 3 albums bought or listened too?
Jim Kerr: That's fairly easy, I bought this album last week a girl called Jenny Earl, she was on Later, she is fantastic. Another album I kept meaning to get but didn’t until they won the Mercury Prize, The XX. What else did I buy recently, I cant really remember actually- so not easy at all.
Purple Revolver: Don’t worry that will do.

Purple Revolver: So amongst this tour you have coming up, any Liverpool shows?
Yeah we have, I don’t have the dates in front of me as we speak but we do have a gig in Liverpool. Looking forward to it. Go on Lost Boy website, everything is there.

Purple Revolver: Cool, I'll try and catch up with you there. Ok dude, well good luck on all future projects and hopefully chat another time.
Jim Kerr: Ok chief take it easy, all the best. Bye.

Tour dates read as follows:
O2 Academy Islington – Monday 15th November (£20.00 adv)
O2 Academy Oxford2 – Tuesday 16th November (£15.00 adv)
O2 Academy Leicester2 – Wednesday 17th November (£15.00 adv)
O2 Academy Birmingham2 – Thursday 18th November (£15.00 adv)
O2 Academy Sheffield2 – Friday 19th November (£15.00 adv)
O2 Academy Liverpool2 – Monday 22nd November (£15.00 adv)


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