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Diesel exclusive: The Midnight Special pictorial

by Norman Parker. Published Mon 27 Sep 2010 11:38, last updated: 27/09/10
Photo by Connor McDonnell
Photo by Connor McDonnell

Purple Revolver caught Diesel's Biennial bash - The Midnight special this weekend, as part of the Liverpool art world festivities.

The Good Natured were in attendance and on top form following a night of spoken word and live performance art in the old Rapid paint store on Renshaw Street.

Upstairs there was a special installation from international artist Nikki Mccubbing which included a number of toy dolls with distored features - the one with a breast for a face is worth seeking out.

DJ sets from local favourites CantmixWontmixShdntmixDontmix got the crowd going in the basement before The Good Natured entered the fray and proved why they are tipped for big things.

The basement was dressed up with lights and banners and was made to look like an authentic Paris squat. Upstairs the modern-day arts atmosphere permeated everything, with interactive arty things going on in every corner. Check out the pictures here.


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