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Mix-tape Monday: Glen Capital Sun

by Glen, Capital Sun. Published Mon 23 Jul 2012 16:11, last updated: 25/07/12
Capital Sun
Capital Sun

Capital Sun’s second single from their collaboration with renowned record producer Chris Tsangarides The Work Song will be out on 23rd July.

Formed in the Winter of 2010, Capital Sun are a four-piece acoustic rock band from Birmingham with a powerful, progressive and dynamic sound.

The band’s major influences are bands and artists from the late 60s and early 70s, which combined with very current lyrical themes, gives the band a pertinent sound for today’s listener.

The Work Song is an observation of human habits, routine and the British compulsive attitude to work. With a recession in full swing all four members of Capital Sun have day jobs.

Every penny that is not taken by menial outgoings gets pumped into the band to get them closer to their goal of Capital Sun being a full-time occupation.

The Work Song taps into the habitual nature of having a job. It deals with some of the questions you find yourself asking yourself in moments of career/life contemplation.

Capital Sun’s LIVE dates in July
11th Whitefriars - Coventry
21st Eiger Studios - Leeds
22nd The Yard Bird - Birmingham

1. Crime of the Century - Supertramp
My dad had this album on tape, it was kept in the Glove compartment of our car and when I listen to the album now it takes me back to the excitement of going on holiday to Weston Supermare or Torquay. ‘Dreamer’ used to be my favourite track as a child because it’s so damn catchy, but now ‘School’ is one of my favourite tracks because it’s so progressive and dynamic, I also love the harmonica sound which is reminiscent of Ennio Morricone. Supertramp are the one band that every single member of ‘Capital Sun’ count as an influence.

2. Movie Masterpieces - Ennio Morricone
I suppose technically this is a ‘Best Of’ but it contains some amazing pieces of music from some of the best westerns ever made, amongst other movie genres. The great thing about this album is it can turn the most mundane commute to work on a train or a bus, into one of the most atmospheric journeys you will experience. Great trumpet work and amazing use of instruments that you don’t see coming like the pipe organ part in ‘Paying off Scores.’

3. A Wizard A True Star – Todd Rundgren
Probably the most influential force to my whole approach to music in general is Todd Rundgren, The first half of AWATS is purely Todd multi-tracked playing all the instruments and singing all the vocal parts, it’s a psychedelic continuous audio rampage that takes you on a trip through the epic soundscapes of "International Feel" to the ludicrous tape effects of "Dogfight Giggle." I just love the way Todd uses the studio as an instrument in its own right, and the first side of the album is testament to his skill as a producer. The second half has a more soulful approach and also includes a medley of soul covers and soulful originals such as "Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel" and "Just One Victory" it’s just an amazing diverse work and everybody should hear it. It was the art work that first attracted me to listen to this LP, it is just as surreal as the album.

4. Noctourniquet - The Mars Volta
This is the latest installment from one of my favourite current bands, I love the musicianship and how each album has a tale or a concept, this album features allot more synth and a more simple less Santana approach. I love any band that like to push themselves genre wise and any act that will craft a new sound and go in different directions. They are just a great band, and I tend to listen to them before I record demos because their music makes me want to make music.

5. Some Cities – Doves
These guys are incredible at crafting an album, each one has a different sound, I love the raw guitar parts and stomping rhythmic patterns. I mainly listen to this when driving through urban areas, because the general theme of the album is urban decay and progress ‘Black And White Town’ is a great track to drive to because of the solid drumbeat and simple piano part. I also love ’Snowden’ which has a more laid back approach, the thing about doves is anyone who has ever watched the BBC will have heard them because half of the music on their adverts is by Doves.


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