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Sleeping with Sirens return to their roots with raging new single Bloody Knuckles

by Shannon Garner. Published Mon 06 Sep 2021 14:00

Orlando gang Sleeping With Sirens have unleashed their heavy new track ‘Bloody Knuckles’ and it’s a defiant anthem.

As the bands first release since their 2019 smash-hit album ‘How It Feels to Be Lost’, the new track hearkens back to the bands heavier roots, both melodically and brutally.

The rapid-fire, heavy-hitting ballad is about forgetting your own path when the people in your life insist on your demise and is most reminiscent of 2010s ‘With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear’ and 2011s ‘Let’s Cheers To This’.

Intense, infectious, and insatiable, the song opens up with muted vocals from frontman Kellin Quinn before throwing you the punchiest rock melody of chugging guitars and explosive drums.

The new tune shows a new attitude from the band and Quinn explained that it is a song about “taking back your power.” He later added: “I think so often we compare ourselves to other people and I think that it’s important for us to be 100% authentic, so this song’s about giving no f-cks and just being yourself 100%, no matter what anyone else thinks.”

As a defiant anthem, the track keeps up the bands well-known aggression and intensity through the darker lyrical tones. “Take all you can/ Till there’s nothing left/ We’ll never do what you say/ Until we drop dead” amplifies the defiant theme.

Maximising their use of the usual three to three-and-a-half-minute runtime, the track engages in a playful tug of war, bouncing between genres, and there’s also a killer breakdown thrown in for good measure that will make any OG fan incredibly happy.

‘Bloody Knuckles’ allows fans to get a stronger feel for new drummer Matty Best, who joined the band in 2019 following the departure of longtime skinsman Gabe Barnham, and is best known for being in Australian rock band Tonight Alive.

Sonically illustrating Sleeping With Sirens ability to balance genres and emotions between the dark, poetic lyrical tones, ‘Bloody Knuckles’ leaves fans yearning for more, and alongside their two covers for the new hit TV series ‘Paradise City’, we can only hope that there’s more music to follow.


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