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All Time Low team up with Pale Waves in new dizzy single PMA

by Shannon Garner. Published Mon 06 Sep 2021 13:00, last updated: 08/09/21

Fueled By Ramen superstars All Time Low have released their brand new single ‘PMA’ just in time for their upcoming tour.

The single, which features Heather Baron-Gracie of Manchester-based quartet Pale Waves, shines an ironic spotlight on mental health issues and how life is full of immense pressure.

Speaking about the track, frontman Alex Gaskarth said: “PMA’ is a journey into isolation and overstimulation. It’s about the little mundane things we do to keep ourselves distracted when loneliness becomes a constant and leaves us feeling apathetic.

“It’s existential dread wrapped in nervous laughter kissed by the SoCal sun. Heather and Pale Waves joining us on this one quite literally brings the hopeful shine to the lyrics, the promise of safety in the shared experience, the understanding we’re all living it together.”

Baron-Gracie added: “I was really happy that Alex asked me to be on the track as I’ve always been a big fan of All Time Low and I loved the song when he sent it over.

“I really related to the themes, especially the exhausting worry that you’re never doing/being enough in life.”

PMA asserts its arrival immediately. The high energy, eye-opening track jumps straight in with an infectious chorus before spiraling into an electrifying sound of guitars and drums that the band are well known for.

As a duo, Gaskarth and Baron-Gracie compliment each other so well and almost create a new euphoric sound by combining the bands two usual genres.

Known for her silvery, light, indie-pop vocals, Baron-Gracie takes on a lower range in ‘PMA’ which for her, is almost unrecognisable and blended with the familiar tones of Gaskarth's voice, it’s quite magical.

Conversely, if you’d have said a couple of years ago that pop-punk icons All Time Low would be collaborating with indie dream poppers Pale Waves, no one would’ve believed it, but we’re glad it happened.

All Time Low are set to go on their first full-scale tour in two years this month, with support from American pop-punk bands The Maine and Grayscale,

‘PMA’ feels like another triumphant hit for All Time Low and we can only hope that they continue to release strong hits in time to perform them live.


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