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Colorful Crimes release genre-blending EP Reality Normality

by Shannon Garner. Published Wed 12 May 2021 19:26, last updated: 12/05/21

Manchester-based solo project Colorful Crimes released his debut EP ‘Reality / Normality this week and it is providing the perfect summer driving soundtrack.

The EP, headed by multi-instrumentalist and producer Benjamin Bryan, explores genre-blending as each song stands out from the other and shows influences of mainstream indie and neo-jazz genres.

Whilst the previous single ‘Fit Again’, released last year, consists of notes resembling the sound of Morrissey’s from The Smiths, the new EP ranges from songs of a calm and mellow nature to upbeat indie-rock tracks.

Upon listening to the first song, ‘Connor’ sounded very similar to the sounds of Liverpool indie-heroes The Night Café as the track holds a feel-good, warm, summery vibe throughout

There is something nostalgic before the choruses when the instruments suddenly come to a halt and the vocals are isolated for one line only.

The repetitive chord progression of the guitar combined with the drum beats in the instrumentals is reminiscent of every beloved indie song and compliments the track extremely well.

Starting off with and unique distorted keyboard synth, the EPs lead single ‘Waltzer’, is full of captivating soft vocals that are overly calming and soothing to the ear.

After the chorus is heard a second time, the song plunges into a jazz-influenced instrumental which becomes more climactic as the texture builds up and is eventually paired with low vocals singing to the beat.

The guitar and bass instrumentals in this track are nothing short of impressive and showcase the artists many talents.

Completely different from the rest of the tracks, ‘Comedown’ kicks in straight away with a heavy intricate indie-rock guitar which only progresses as the song continues.

The detailing of the guitar in all aspects of the song takes this track to a new level and is what makes the track stand out the most.

‘The Air in My Lungs’ has the most instrument experimentation which is expressed through the funky synth bass-line throughout and the distorted instrumental in the middle of the song.

When the pre-choruses and choruses arrive, the layered vocals of both high and low notes allow the listener to fully appreciate the musical range of this artist.

Colorful Crimes have not left listeners short of catchy instrumentals as ‘Death at 36’ has another and is enhanced by the up and down progression of it.

Starting off slow and gradually building, just when you think the instrumental is about to peak, it is stripped back down and starts a completely new melody, adding a whole new element to the song.

It almost feels like a rollercoaster as, within this track, you do not know what to expect because the simple yet effective stylistic choices constantly change and keep you guessing.

Bringing the EP to a pleasurable end, the layered head-voice vocals in the chorus of ‘Tell Me You’re Here’ sound melodic and almost lullabylike.

The calming tone of the song is perfectly complemented by the slow driving beat of the drum and brings both the song and EP to a natural end.

Even though noticeable comparisons to other bands can be made, this EP manages to retain its originality and is a strong first EP release from this artist.


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